Sunday, September 02, 2007

Call for Judgment: Because Tokyo is a Giant Monster God Too

Passed 8-0.  Brendan

Adminned at 03 Sep 2007 06:14:40 UTC

[ Putting Josh’s concern up as a tighter-worded alteration to Rule 1.8, and making it a CfJ (since “a Kaiju God feels that an aspect of the game needs urgent attention”). ]

In Rule 1.8 (Dynasties), replace “Each Dynasty is headed by a single Tokyo” with “Each Dynasty is headed by a single Kaiju God, known as the Tokyo”.


Kevan: Oracle he/him

02-09-2007 20:31:38 UTC

for And hmm, what’s all this “Time Freeze” nonsense that’s crept into the CfJ rule?

Darknight: he/him

02-09-2007 20:49:41 UTC

for The current rule is very vague. And Kev, the time freeze is useful if alot of other votes are going on and a CfJ needs to be looked at ASAP.


02-09-2007 21:12:48 UTC

for crud… just saw that time freeze. guess that invalidates my new proposal :( well, let’s get this resolved asap…


02-09-2007 21:27:37 UTC

it’s not a time freeze. that just confused the heck out of me. well, ignore ‘threatening monsters’ and read ‘threatening monsters take two’ instead… :/


02-09-2007 21:31:48 UTC


Kevan: Oracle he/him

02-09-2007 21:56:41 UTC

No, it’s only a Time Freeze if I declare it to be one, which I didn’t.


03-09-2007 00:51:14 UTC



03-09-2007 01:06:55 UTC


Josh: he/him

03-09-2007 05:16:00 UTC


Brendan: he/him

03-09-2007 13:12:16 UTC