Thursday, July 04, 2019

Proposal: Being Mean (or Not)

Reached quorum 7 votes to 1. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 06 Jul 2019 07:20:12 UTC

Alter the rule “Duel”:

Replace the text:

The Triumphant’s favour increases by the average Strength of the other duelist’s creature slots, rounding up.


The Triumphant’s favour increases by the mean average Strength of the other duellist’s creature slots, rounding up.

In addition, remove the text:

The non-Triumphant duellist’s favour is decreased by half, rounding up, of the amount the Triumphant gained. (Favour can become negative in this way.)

Two things here:

Firstly, a clarification. From the current wording, it seems like the Triumphant’s favour is already being increased by the mean average of the other duellist’s creatures (as in, add the strengths together and divide by the number of strengths added), but I’ve included the word “mean” to make it clearer.

Secondly, TyGuy6’s duel challenge has gone unanswered for a little while, and I wondered if that was because the penalty for losing was too harsh. This proposal takes away the cost of losing, but keeps the rewards of winning. Hopefully, this would encourage people to duel more readily.



04-07-2019 17:28:29 UTC

Is this a British style phrasing? Average = mean as far as I’ve heard. Google doesn’t seem to have an answer to “What does “mean average” mean?

Dueling for to get freebies is fine with me. The royal court loves an underdog. imperial

Kevan: City he/him

04-07-2019 18:31:48 UTC

against Zero risk makes this a bit too friendly.

derrick: he/him

04-07-2019 19:05:48 UTC


His majesty looks with favor upon those who try and fail, and frowns upon those who hide their talents.

Public activity is good for the dynasty.


04-07-2019 20:10:31 UTC



04-07-2019 20:54:16 UTC

[Derrick and Kevan] I was thinking the same as Derrick, we’ve put such a lot of effort into getting the mechanics up and running, it seems a shame not to dive into duelling. But if no risk is too boring, maybe we could propose a modification to have a smaller risk?

[TyGuy6] That’s interesting, I presumed it would be the same all over, may I ask what country you’re from?
In Britain, the mean average (add all the values, then divide by the number of values) is distinct from the mode average (in a set of values, the value which occurs most often is the mode) and the median average (line up all the values in ascending order, and the value in the exact middle of the line is the median.


04-07-2019 21:48:34 UTC

The USA, and ah, I do remember those also being called averages in some math class. Also referred to here, as colloquial:
Would have been familiar with “arithmetic mean”, as another unambiguous option.

redtara: they/them

05-07-2019 09:39:10 UTC

for This is how I proposed it originally in Dueling for Honour.


05-07-2019 17:17:02 UTC



05-07-2019 22:27:39 UTC