Monday, August 02, 2021

Proposal: Betterment of the Ruleset, one Proposal at a Time: Custom Info [Special Case]

Failed by Take Two!—Clucky

Adminned at 07 Aug 2021 03:38:01 UTC

Append the following under Dynastic Tracking:

There may be Optional Information on the Dynastic Tracking Page as defined and updated by other rules. Optional Information are derived from other Gamestate Information and is considered to be Flavour text on the Gamestate. Generals and Leaders should update Optional Information to reflect on the changes in the Gamestate Information it represents.

Rewrite the following in Resupply

The last time a Resupply occurred is publicly tracked for convenience.


The last time a Resupply occurred is tracked as Optional Information.

Not fast enough to do this before “Set the Stage” happens, but probably needs to be done anyway since both current and the last have something on the Gamestate Tracker “tracked for convenience”.


Kevan: City he/him

03-08-2021 09:07:05 UTC

I think Josh’s proposal along these lines was getting somewhere: that we need to pick apart the difference between saying “this wiki page is gamestate” (which we might say for a page that was a list of words) and “this wiki page tracks some gamestate” (which we’d say for the gameboard type pages that are only tracking a handful of strings and numbers, and where we don’t mind if someone fixes up the formatting or moves columns around).

The general idea of informally-tracked information seems like a bad habit to encourage, I think, if we can avoid it - it would seem plainly better here to make updating the date part of the Resupply action.


Chiiika: she/her

03-08-2021 13:10:54 UTC

There is some discussion why updating the Date can’t be within the Resupply Action around the original Set the Stage Proposal;

“ “The last time a Resupply occurred is publicly tracked for convenience.”

When does must this be updated? It can’t be during a Resupply action, since that hasn’t completed yet. The only other way I can see it being able to be updated is by correcting incorrect representations of the gamestate, and I don’t think it’s a great idea to rely on that for the primary way a tracked value can be correct.”

You cannot foresee the exact time when the Resupply Action ended, and if we turned it into must do actions the last Dynasty showed us the norm for incomplete Atomic Actions is to fully revert them.

Making it Flavour text governed by other rules will remove this technicality.


03-08-2021 13:20:31 UTC

For what it’s worth, I think both of you are right. A fix that may keep both sides happy may be to have some separate variable, named something like “Resupply Time”, that’s updated as part of the Resupply Action but isn’t rules-wise locked to being the same time that a Resupply Action was performed.


Darknight: he/him

03-08-2021 13:41:22 UTC


Kevan: City he/him

03-08-2021 13:58:59 UTC

Worth knowing that if you type “~~~~~” into a MediaWiki page, it gets converted to the current timestamp - so is a way by which you can make an edit which includes the exact timestamp of itself.

Clucky: he/him

03-08-2021 15:21:57 UTC

against per Kevan