Sunday, August 08, 2021

Proposal: Bigger Basic Boxes

Self-killed. Josh

Adminned at 09 Aug 2021 07:54:27 UTC

In the rule “Energy and Cycles”, replace “A Worker can spend one of their own Energy to roll a DICE10; they then gain a Box with the rolled number.” with “A Worker can spend 1 of their own Energy to roll a DICE6 and add 4, then gain a Box with that number.”

shrinking the random variation + adding a floor so that rolling a 1 isnt so crushing!



08-08-2021 06:13:58 UTC

against Rolling a 1 might be bad for a Clink machine, but I assume that we’ll have more machines in future, for which lower-numbered boxes might be more useful. I think that if the randomness in Cog income is a problem, it’d be better to fix it either with basic income, or by changing the definition of a Clink machine to provide a certain baseline. (However, Cogs don’t do anything yet, so variation in Cog income may well not be a problem in practice; I can easily imagine a second sort of machine that generates some alternative resource from low-numbered boxes.)

Josh: he/they

08-08-2021 07:11:28 UTC


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imperial s/k

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i think you misclicked

lemon: she/her

09-08-2021 05:43:08 UTC

no jumble, it’s a deferential and u voted against