Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Proposal: Black Jack’s back

Times out and fails 2-3 (1 unresolved DEF). -Bucky

Adminned at 22 Dec 2011 13:59:03 UTC

Create a new subrule to the rule Routes. Name it “Casino” and give it the text:

A Casino Route has a Scouting Cost of 7. When a Driver Drives a Casino Route, they earn 4 Cash, and every other Driver gets a 2-Cash Bonus. Immediately after a Driver has Requested Assignment, they must change every of their 2-Cash Bonuses for 2 Cash. 2-Cash Bonuses are tracked in the GNDT by adding “(+N)”, where N is the number of 2-Cash Bonuses, doubled, after the list of Routes of the affected Driver.

Append the Tags CASH and TEAMWORK to the rule “Casino” as an explicitly labeled list.

Fixed in regard of timing issues, I hope.
(Edited to add the tags. Less than 15 minutes and nobody has commented, so it’s OK, right?)



12-20-2011 16:24:57 UTC



12-20-2011 16:51:38 UTC


Suggest generalizing the latter part as follows:

Immediately after a Driver Requests Assignment, all their Cash Bonuses are removed and their Cash is increased by an amount equal to the total. Cash Bonuses are tracked in the GNDT by adding “(+N)”, where N is the total of all their Cash Bonuses, after the list of Routes of the affected Driver.


12-20-2011 16:59:52 UTC

Ah, thanks. I wanted it to be more general, but I couldn’t word it right. I’ll include the fix next time I make a proposal.


12-20-2011 18:34:52 UTC



12-20-2011 18:53:53 UTC

(Explanation of AGAINST: I feel these inject too much cash into the game when even a few people are driving them)


12-21-2011 02:19:17 UTC

against I’m with Bucky.


12-21-2011 03:09:56 UTC

Suggestion to aliviate the inflaction effect: limit the times someone may get the bonus cash between assignments. That way, people who are playing the game, i.e., getting their assignments timely, will get more from this than people who are not.


12-21-2011 07:34:01 UTC

And, as a side note, this could lend to people delaying their assignment, in order to accrue bonus cash an start the next “round” with more cash.


12-22-2011 04:13:49 UTC

against per Bucky.


12-22-2011 04:14:30 UTC

against per Bucky.