Monday, July 11, 2011

Blacky Confusion

Oh dear, maybe we need a rule requiring to people to make explicit summaries of what they’re doing, whenever they update the GNDT or the wiki - I’m trying to work out what happened to Blacky.

After he was killed on the 9th, he returned later that day with a GNDT comment of “stepping in”, then later announced he was “stepping out” (which is an illegal action). I added him back to his previous location in the Arena after correcting this, and earlier today Kitty entered the Arena overwriting Blacky, while moving a trap, providing no apparent explanation. Blacky assumed he was legally removed from the Arena and came back in at I3, a few minutes ago.

I think Blacky should still be at A5 (and Kitty shouldn’t have been able to enter the Arena there) - am I missing something?



11-07-2011 18:42:02 UTC

I alrady posted a move in the GNDT to I2 and set the AP to 2, but did not execute it yet, to minimize confusion.
Perhaps we should track the moves and actions somehow in the wiki.
Just when you do some action one should create a one liner to keep up clarity.


11-07-2011 20:07:16 UTC

Proposals are up!
Maybe it is a good idea to keep the status quo until this matter is resolved. Possibly there is some trackbacking to do in order to undo illegal turns.


11-07-2011 21:13:56 UTC

I was rereverting the revert from coppro (he said IconKitty.gif is not an Icon for unknown reasons) and mideg (he said I didn’t refresh when stepping). I took those actions on the 9th, when I think they were legal. I’m not very pratical with the wiki history though, so I might be wrong.


11-07-2011 21:25:05 UTC

I think the main problem was, that you stepped into the arena at A5 which was not free, at the point.


11-07-2011 21:46:26 UTC

That’s part of what I thought initially. Upon review, it became clear that what he intended to do was enter the Arena at A6, shove Blacky, move to A5, shove Blacky again, and laugh maniacally.

I definitely would like to see more recordkeeping.


11-07-2011 21:56:09 UTC

Oh yeah now I recall. Yes I clustered a load of moves at once. Sorry.
It was perfectly legal, except that I didn’t pay 1AP to laugh maniacally. whoops.


12-07-2011 17:18:57 UTC

The gamestate tracking rule actually requires it to be clear what’s going on when combining multiple actions. A comment explaining would be helpful when that happens.


12-07-2011 18:12:50 UTC

I commented in the GNDT.


12-07-2011 19:31:29 UTC

Your comment was insufficent to explain it clearly.


13-07-2011 10:58:33 UTC

You’re right, sorry. I was in a hurry.