Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Bless Mother Russia and Father Nitroglycerin

Beemovich here, explosives expert. I GATHER MY TOOLS.

I need my screwdriver, vodka, queen-sized bed, wrench, vodka, TNT; glitter, and vodka, thank you. Don’t forget the vodka or I’ll vodka the vodka and maybe even vodka.

Spies, check my Backgrounds then tell them to Gaelan, who is guaranteed non-Cultist, as an Adventurer/Handyman, to (if we’re lucky and you both hit my other Background) confirm that I’m (unfortunately) not Cultist scum. Don’t make it public though, just coordinate it with him. (This same thing can be done with Card too to deduce who isn’t a Cultist for the non-Cultits. Just don’t publically reveal which one of us two you’re checking.)



05-30-2017 17:57:07 UTC

“Gaelan, who is guaranteed non-Cultist” - the Expedition Leader hasn’t yet confirmed the success of attacking a bear with tools. (As written, the post may even have been intended as a jokey “I can’t wrestle a bear, but I do have tools”.)


05-30-2017 22:05:06 UTC

True that. Oh well, when it happens, and he’s confirmed 100% cultist-free, then we can do it.


05-30-2017 23:12:21 UTC

You are now in possession of your Tools.

(As is Gaelan, as mentioned there.)