Saturday, April 04, 2009

Proposal: Blink and you’ll miss it

Timed out and passed. Josh

Adminned at 06 Apr 2009 00:08:08 UTC

My scene in Act 4 contained the following text:

Brigadier Unthank, Yellowstone’s perfect enforcer, perplexedly shouts “Inspector!” Confusion occurs locally as

The first letters of this word string spell out the words BUY PEPSI COLA. For increasing revenues through this subliminal advertising, Josh gets a bonus of 1 Popularity upon the enactment of this proposal.

Additionally, add the following rule to the ruleset, entitled Subliminal Advertising:

A Scripter may add subliminal advertising to their scenes. The manner in which they chose to do so is of their own choosing, but it must be present in the content of the scene, must be observable when pointed out, and must encourage the purchase of an actual, real-world product.

If a Scripter notices subliminal advertising in another Scripter’s scene before the Act is declared to be closed, they may raise a Continuity claim as per rule 2.3.

When the Act is declared to be closed, any Scripter who has an uncut scene which contains subliminal advertising may declare the advertising. They should do so by posting a comment in the voting thread for that Act, outlining the nature of the advertising, and may claim 5 Royalties for doing so.

Amend rule 2.3, Continuity, as follows:

If any Scripter feels that one or more Scenes in a non-Finished Act contradict a non-cut Scene in a Finished Act, or contradict an earlier non-cut Scene in the same Act, or contains subliminal advertising, he or she may call a halt to the scripting process by posting a comment on that Act that starts with an AGAINST icon, and the word “CONTINUITY!” in capital letters. The rest of this comment should explain which Scenes need to be dropped, and why. Upon doing this, the Act enters Development Hell.



04-04-2009 08:30:52 UTC

Awesome idea. My only concern with this is the ‘must be observable when pointed out’, which seems like CfJ territory.

Josh: he/they

04-04-2009 08:48:00 UTC

Yeah, I considered that, but it didn’t seem like a big enough problem. I mean, people can bring frivolous CfJs for every subliminal claim, but if they do then we can do something about it; but in the meanwhile I’d like to hope that some measure of the honour system would apply.


04-04-2009 08:51:40 UTC

for fair enough

Kevan: he/him

04-04-2009 16:14:07 UTC

for Might save time to give the Producer free rein to take back the royalties from spurious advertising claims.


04-04-2009 16:44:04 UTC

imperial Why do you get a bigger reward than anyone else?


04-04-2009 17:21:50 UTC

imperial  Giant proposal; no time to read.

Darknight: he/him

04-04-2009 19:44:21 UTC



04-04-2009 23:34:25 UTC

CoV for  after getting time to read it.


05-04-2009 02:43:38 UTC

for Interesting…


05-04-2009 13:20:25 UTC

Dude, how long did you stare at that scene to see that??



05-04-2009 14:04:08 UTC

I think he put it there intentionally.


05-04-2009 14:13:17 UTC

for Hehehe I like it.


05-04-2009 14:38:59 UTC



06-04-2009 00:59:17 UTC

This effectively bans the usage of the only current signature prop, FYI.