Monday, January 05, 2009

Story Post: [BLO] Anouncement in Style

Now we have classes in BLO. Since I am the Stylist, I am allowed to grant any class to anybody, and thus would like to set up a little competition:

Propose a Class and if your proposal passes, send me a PM. In your PM include any one Class and any one Citizen (other than me) and I’ll give that Class to that Citizen (it does’t have to be the same one you created). I’ll keep this offer valid for as long as I’m the Stylist.



01-05-2009 20:30:55 UTC

Also, reading through our ruleset, it appears we cannot longer Smash the Ruleset. However, please rest assured that Smashing the Monkey has exactly the same effect.


01-05-2009 21:18:34 UTC

the poor monkey =(