Saturday, December 20, 2008

Proposal: [BLO] Cactus! Giraffe?

BLO Quorum, oldest pending BLO proposal, see my latest post for explanation or CfJ if you don’t agree—arth

Adminned at 21 Dec 2008 16:51:23 UTC

Create a new rule called “Are you still there?”:

Idle Citizens are said to have ADD. The rest of the Citizens are perfectly fine and are not crazy at all or anything.

Create a new rule called “Smash it to pieces”:

As a weekly action, the Citizen can attempt to Smash the Ruleset into Pieces. This is considered to be 29% Dangerous, because the ruleset has rough edges and can explode when exposed to fire. If the Citizen breaks no bones in the attempt, e selects any one sentence which exists in the BLO ruleset only and rolls DICEX where X is the number of words in that sentence. Then, the Citizen may change the Xth word in that sentence for any other word e likes, as long as as the new word belongs to the same lexical category as the replaced word. The new word cannot be Aluminium.




20-12-2008 15:57:42 UTC


Amnistar: he/him

20-12-2008 16:56:32 UTC

might want to define ‘lexical category’.

Also, that seems like hillarious confusion.


20-12-2008 17:12:01 UTC



20-12-2008 17:32:22 UTC

If “lexical category” is not defined, it merely takes on its dictionary definition.


20-12-2008 17:33:32 UTC

This has been quorumed within BLO. It’s also the oldest pending proposal within BLO.

We only need to wait 10 hours.

Amnistar: he/him

20-12-2008 17:55:39 UTC

not quite technically true.  Only BLO can vote on it, and it has quorumed, but it isn’t the oldest pending proposal, because all proposals are stil lpart of the same queue, because those rules overlap, and thus aren’t ruled individually.

arthexis: he/him

20-12-2008 18:39:11 UTC

Yeah, I had already thought about that and have to agree with Amni on this one. This is basically because Blognomic rules allow proposals to go on even if the proposers go idle. Thus even if from BLO’s standpoint, there are still pending proposals, being made and voted on by idle Citizens.

Darknight: he/him

20-12-2008 23:17:54 UTC

for go BLO it out ya nose lol. I needed to make some joke about our faction name


21-12-2008 02:10:37 UTC

I thought it was just because “Making things a bit more clear” had not passed yet.  Once that passes, we should have 4 separate queues since each faction has its own gamestate and those proposals would be in that faction’s gamestate.

Amnistar: he/him

21-12-2008 04:49:28 UTC

Nope, they’re still in the same queue.  Making things clear only made the [FACTION] replaced with the faction name, for ease of reference on the rules page.