Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Proposal: [BLO] I like Cake, and I like BLOwing the candles too.

self killed—arth

Adminned at 24 Dec 2008 09:29:18 UTC

Add a new rub-rule “I am right behind the cupboard” to rule “Are you still there?”:

If a Citizen achieves victory, no rules will get repealed, and the new Watcher does not get to select a new theme. Instead, the Watchers Fractures are set to zero, and the Watcher’s name is added to the Hall of Fame of BLO. The new Watcher may also select a Citizen to become the Stylist, instead of anyone else who currently holds the title. The Watcher may not select the Watcher to become the Stylist. No Citizen may become the Watcher during Mondays, because Monday is a boring day and interesting things tend not to happen on Mondays.

Add a new sub-rule “You are the little teacup” to rule “Smash it to pieces”:

Because the Watcher is sometimes dangerous, The Watcher may smash the ruleset as a daily action instead of as a weekly action. Whenever the Watcher smashes the ruleset, every other Citizen must hold their breath in awe.

Add a new sub-rule “My favorite color is green” to rule “You should have taken more Calcium”:

The Watcher is such a nice fellow that e won’t break your bones accidentally. The Watcher may, however, break your bones intentionally. As a weekly action, the Watcher can impart eir infinite wisdom and break DICE3 bones of any one Citizen (except the Watcher’s), for whatever reason. A Citizen whose bones have been broken in this fashion is said to Have Learned a Lesson.



Clucky: he/him

23-12-2008 04:07:48 UTC

against I like the idea of being able to win and change the theme.

arthexis: he/him

23-12-2008 04:15:32 UTC

What are you doing on my faction anyways? Go back to MIC or somthing.


23-12-2008 04:54:39 UTC


Darknight: he/him

23-12-2008 05:00:13 UTC



23-12-2008 16:23:23 UTC



23-12-2008 17:45:48 UTC

Clucky, Arth is right. Go back to MIC, non-insane-person!

arthexis: he/him

24-12-2008 17:28:12 UTC

against s/K