Saturday, January 03, 2009

Proposal: [BLO] Let the name calling begin!

Pases 4-0—arth

Adminned at 05 Jan 2009 12:11:57 UTC

Create a new rule called “Purple Poodle”:

When we where young, we had to go through different classes, learned different professions and suffered different kinds accidents. Because of this, there exists a characteristic to each Citizen called “Class” which shall be tracked in the GNDT. The Stylist may at any time set the Class of a Citizen other than erself, to any single word: this shall be the Class of the Citizen. The Class of the Stylist is always “Stylist”.

Create a sub-rule “Pass me the potato chips” under rule “Purple Poodle”:

Citizens belonging to the Class “Chirurgeon” know how to mend broken bones (and conversely, how to break them). As a daily action, a Chirurgeon may pick a single Citizen and remove 1DICE4 fractures from that Citizen, this action being known as Mending. However, even this can be dangerous because there is a remote possibility that the loose end of a broken bone ends up sticking into the eye of the Chirurgeon. Because of that, Mending another Citizen is 19% Dangerous. If the Chirurgeon is attempting to Mend erself, it is 91% Dangerous.




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