Monday, January 05, 2009

Proposal: [BLO] Not an invitation to treason

Vetoed to a vetoey doom—Rodlen

Adminned at 06 Jan 2009 17:36:26 UTC

Create a new rule “Insert rule name here”:

Traitors are never made, they are born. Because it is dangerous to be a traitor and be inside the enemy territory at the same time, the BLO faction comes to the rescue. At any time a Citizen may send a PM to the Stylist, containing the method to decrypt the encrypted messages of the GNO Faction. Within 72 hours, the Stylist shall confirm that the decryption method indeed works, and if so, make a Story Post announcing this. Then, the Citizen who provided the decryption method to the Stylist shall obtain the BLO Relic.

If the Stylist has announced that a decryption method has been obtained, any Citizen may PM the Stylist to obtain a copy of it within 72 hours.

Now, my loyal BLO minions, bring us the Gnostic Gnomic Knowledge!!




01-05-2009 21:02:41 UTC


I like it.


01-05-2009 21:06:50 UTC


1) A GNO person could just double cross us and give us the method to take the relic. (Their leader could that to change it then join us and basically get our relic at any time).

2) GNO can just change it.

3) Citizens can keep doing this and the relic will change hands.


01-05-2009 21:32:11 UTC

2,) Nope, not unless they change the rules: “It is the responsibility of the Demiurge to choose the official encryption method of GNO and to inform the other Citizens of GNO how to encrypt and decrypt proposals. “

Nothing about changing the decryption method once it’s chosen.


01-05-2009 21:53:24 UTC

Amnistar: We’d change it by proposal.

Anyways, the encryption is simple enough that I’m not sure it hasn’t already been broken by someone outside the faction


01-05-2009 23:04:54 UTC



01-06-2009 01:48:47 UTC



01-06-2009 02:14:11 UTC

But that doesn’t solve 1 or 3 Amni—so once everyone knows it, it turns into “Send this PM to Arth to win BLO”


01-06-2009 02:15:42 UTC

imperial cov


01-06-2009 02:23:54 UTC

CoV against


01-06-2009 20:48:55 UTC

against Self-Kill


01-07-2009 00:45:10 UTC

Rodlen. Veto.


01-07-2009 01:35:56 UTC

veto fo speed.