Thursday, January 08, 2009

Proposal: [BLO] Paraplegics can’t defend themselves

Passes after timeout—arth

Adminned at 10 Jan 2009 20:16:50 UTC

Create a new rule “Taking candy from a little kid”:

If a Citizen has most of their bones broken (meaning 103 or more), the Citizen is Paralyzed and cannot move. If such a Citizen is in possession of the BLO Relic, the Stylist automatically obtains the BLO Relic, and then immediately destroys it. The Stylist cannot achieve victory this way.

Why is it worded this way? Well, I cannot remove the relic from Citizens who are in other Factions, but we can still grant it to someone else in our own Faction, and THEN destroy it.




01-08-2009 20:05:31 UTC

This would not work anyway because Darth no longer has any broken bones unless he returns to BLO, at which point he would have 184.


01-08-2009 20:11:21 UTC

According to BLO gamestate he still has 184 fractures (Even if GNOs ruleset does not recognize that). We have already settled this issue before.


01-08-2009 20:15:43 UTC

But he is Idle within BLO.  Idle Citizens do not count for the purposes of any rules other than a few select core rules.


01-08-2009 20:18:29 UTC

Yeah well, that’s fine anyways. If we need it this functionality, I’ll fix this afterwards.


01-09-2009 04:20:50 UTC



01-09-2009 17:40:39 UTC



01-11-2009 03:32:59 UTC

Hey BLO people. You’re not MIC. Admin this already.