Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Proposal: Blognomic Bill of Rights

Self killed by Bucky

Elias IX

Adminned at 10 Mar 2006 04:52:48 UTC

Add a new law entitled “Bill of Rights” containing the following text:

All Gostaks have certain fundamental rights as enumerated by the subsections of this law.  Any game action which would result in a violation of these rights shall be illegal and have no effect on the gamestate.  This paragraph takes precidence over all rules which do not state that they take precidence over it.

No proposal, Call for Justice or other game action may ammend this law or its subsections unless it is seconded by a Gostak other than the one which made the action and receives the approval of at least two thirds of all active Gostaks, as indicated by explicit for votes to the post announcing the game action.

If more than two thirds of all comments containing counted votes also contain the word “Unidle”, add the following subsection to the rule entitled “Bill of Rights”, with the title of “Right to Unidle”:

No idle Gostak may, without their consent, be barred from unidling for a period longer than one dynasty.

For the sake of fairness, I hope that two thirds of all Gostaks will vote for this.
If this passes, I will propose more rights.



Angry Grasshopper:

03-08-2006 18:53:26 UTC

What? Our fundamental rights are enumerated by some document, and not inalienably endowed by our Creator?

How about

“The enumeration in the Ruleset, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by all Gostaks.”

, eh? =D



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03-09-2006 01:09:45 UTC

against I hold them to be self-evident.

It seems pointless trying to list them in a rule; I can’t think of anything that couldn’t be sidestepped by a clever proposal, if a quorum of players were gunning for you. We wouldn’t idle you, we’d invent a new game term that meant you couldn’t take game actions but the Bill of Rights didn’t apply. We wouldn’t prevent your game actions, we’d just have a rule that automatically undid them one nanosecond after you made them. We wouldn’t deny you your right to have changes reflected in the ruleset, we’d create a second ruleset just for you that wasn’t legally binding. Etc.

Simple majority democracy is fine, for this.


03-09-2006 02:15:26 UTC


Elias IX:

03-09-2006 03:36:13 UTC

against  Kevan, with your ability to sidestep anti-discrimination laws, you could work for Human Resources.

Ooh, I take that back. Sorry for the insult.


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03-09-2006 21:19:25 UTC

I approve of the concept, but I see Kevan’s point. Maybe having this codified in the ruleset would encourage respecting the rights of Gostaks, even if it didn’t guarantee them. The problem is, that fattens the ruleset. I think a seperate, un-official wiki page could be made for this. I’d sign it.


03-10-2006 04:11:27 UTC



03-10-2006 04:51:25 UTC

I’ll propose a less easily circumvented version later. In the meantime,I’m holding up the queue.
S-K against