Saturday, October 17, 2009

BlogNomic TV

Playing around with the Xtranormal text-to-animation tool this afternoon, and looking for some two-person dialogue to feed in, I thought I’d try dramatising the recent DoV from JeffSheets (the text is verbatim, the gestures and camera cuts were done manually). Hearing two satnav voices arguing is never going to be very compelling, but it’s worth waiting for “I had my own blog” 54 seconds from the end.



10-17-2009 17:54:52 UTC

for  Just because it pronounces “nomic” correctly.


10-17-2009 17:58:06 UTC

The first time it said “nomic”, it said “nohmic”. The second time, it said “nommic”.


10-17-2009 18:08:34 UTC

The American-accent voice pronounces it “nommic”, the English-accent couldn’t parse it at all and pronounced it “nahr-mic”, so I just typed it out phonetically as “nohmic”.


10-17-2009 18:10:39 UTC

So, basically, that site thinks the US is full of idiots?

Ienpw III:

10-17-2009 18:34:57 UTC

The US is full of idiots.


10-17-2009 18:36:44 UTC

I loled


10-17-2009 18:37:56 UTC

@yuri: Sure, but most of us aren’t that idiotic. Also, Canada, Ireland, England, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa are also all full of idiots.

But not Scotland.


10-17-2009 18:38:14 UTC

Oh, Northern Ireland is also full of idiots.


10-17-2009 18:40:40 UTC

You know, we might as well shorten it to “The English-speaking world is full of idiots.” Of course, that’s being a bit optimistic…

Ienpw III:

10-17-2009 18:48:26 UTC

Northern Ireland is full of idiots.


10-17-2009 18:59:40 UTC

That’s true. Then again, most places that border the Atlantic are.

Or the Pacific.

Or the Indian.

Or the Southern.

Or the Arctic.

Or landlocked.


10-17-2009 21:41:04 UTC

Heh, i’m from america and i always say it NO-mic.


10-18-2009 23:14:09 UTC



10-19-2009 15:29:25 UTC

I missed this. It’s marvellous.