Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blognomicbot is dead, long live blognomicbot!

Hi there,

I wasn‘t active for a quite long time and presumably I won‘t be active in near future as well. But a long time ago I promised to host the blognomicbot, and so: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/390512/ (isn’t there a way to embed some code here? Strange…)

I used the script, which ais523 has sent me some months ago, modified some small things, eg. I set the current emperor, and it seems to work now. The sidebar here could get updated as well, if I remember correctly Kevan has to modify some files for that purpose.

Have fun using it, Keba.

PS: As I said, I won’t be very active at playing nomics, but I’ll try to idle in #nomic. So ping me if “my” bot crashes or a new emperor arises. :)


Kevan: HE/HIM

05-17-2011 13:09:44 UTC

Sure, I can switch the sidebar cronjob back on, I just need to know where it can go to fetch your data. It used to be at http://kebay.org/media/nomicnames.irc, but that doesn’t seem to resolve any more - what’s the new URL?


05-17-2011 13:37:24 UTC

blognomicbot’s nickname registration seems to have expired. You should register it yourself by pretending to be blognomicbot, so that it can identify (and I can make it an “official” member of the channel once more).