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Proposal: Grey Sky Thinking

Fails, 8-2. Josh

Adminned at 28 Mar 2010 01:53:07 UTC

Change the first paragraph of rule 2.1 “Commoner’s Economy” to:

Each Commoner has an Income (a number which can be positive, negative, or zero, and defaults to 50), and amounts of Coal, and amounts of Iron, Wood, Quicksilver, Caffeine, Cogs, Gems, and Electricity (numbers defaulting to the median values among Commoners, rounding up to an integer if necessary). Coal, Iron, Wood, Quicksilver, Caffeine, Cogs, Gems, and Electricity are collectively known as Resources.

Add the bullet point “0 Electricity or 10 Electricity” to the bulleted list in that rule.

Add a subrule to rule 2.1, entitled Stormy Weather:

While Scavenging, the default result for a Commoner who selects Electricity is zero. However, if the 24 hour weather forecast for the County that they currently occupy shows lightning then they may instead gain 10 Electricity. Weather forecasts must be obtained from the weather links, listed beside each County name as (w), provided on the [[County Activity]] page.

Add the (w) links, in order, that can be found on the 11:29, 26 Mar 2010 edit of the Josh/Sandpit page of the wiki to the list of County names on the County Activity page of the wiki.

Change the “Observatory and Alchemarium” paragraph in Rule 2.4 Workshops to the following:

The Commoner who owns an Observatory may spend 1 Coal and 1 Resource (other than Coal) to gain 1 of any other Resource (other than Electricity). However, they can only choose to gain one Resource while Scavenging.

Add the following as a subrule to rule 2.2, entitled Battery:

Cost: 1 Iron, 1 Quicksilver, 1 Electricity     Power Requirement: 2
A part which has an effect that must be paid for using Electricity may not be included in an Invention unless that invention also includes a Battery.

Add the following as a subrule to rule 2.2, entitled Elecromagnetic Generator:

Cost: 3 Iron, 7 Cogs     Power Requirement: -15
A Commoner who owns an invention that includes an Electromagetic Generator may at any time spend x Electricity to reduce the Coal cost of the next action that they perform by 10x.

Add the following as a subrule to rule 2.2, entitled Tesla Cannon:

Cost: 5 Iron, 3 Quicksilver, 1 Cog, 1 Gem     Power Requirement: 2
An Invention which includes a Tesla Cannon is considered to be a weapon. A Commoner who owns an invention which includes a Tesla Cannon may spend 1 Electricity to Wage War instead of the normal Coal requirement. Additionally, they may spend 2 Electricity to Wage War regardless of whether they have already Waged War that week.

Set each Commoner’s amount of Electricity to 0.

I liked DC’s idea, I just couldn’t figure out how to implement it. Hopefully this is a stab in the right direction.



03-26-2010 15:09:26 UTC

against Nomics should not depend on RL conditions.


03-26-2010 15:11:01 UTC



03-26-2010 15:13:11 UTC

@Keba: You only joined in Kevan’s sixth dynasty, right? Please take a look at Qwazukee’s dynasty. Or even Wakukee’s.


03-26-2010 15:23:57 UTC

Yeah, unless there’s a good reason not to use a tool, then we might as well use it. It’s not like the weather is easily manipulatable.


03-26-2010 15:24:18 UTC

Well, I will “read” them tomorrow, because reading a complete dynasty takes lots of time, if you want to knower whether it was a good one…

But don‘t want my Electricity amount depending on the weather in England.

Finally: Are there stormings in England in March/April? Really?


03-26-2010 15:29:20 UTC

Infrequently. But it’s not supposed to be a common resource. Perhaps if you get two kittens you can rub them together?

Pro tip: your odds are better further north.


03-26-2010 15:36:59 UTC

@Keba: Just read their rulesets (specifically, dynastic rules).


03-26-2010 16:01:13 UTC

Living in the UK myself, we’re rather unlikely to get lightning for several months (it’s more common in the summer). April is mostly rain…


03-26-2010 16:06:56 UTC

Earlier dynasties shouldn’t set a precedent for what is and isn’t appropriate. Let alone what an individual player should or shouldn’t think is a good idea.

against It’s a nice idea, but I’m getting a little suspicious of your thirst for the ability to perform potentially unlimited Regalia Actions, Josh. (Your last proposal tried to do a similar thing.)


03-26-2010 16:12:37 UTC

@ Kevan - unless you think I can harness lightning I wouldn’t worry.

Given that we’re unravelling the Liberation mechanic, it would be nice if there were some actual substance to the Invasion mechanic instead. If you’re going to reflexively suspect everything I propose, why don’t you suggest something instead?


03-26-2010 17:34:43 UTC

@Josh: I don’t know if you can harness lightning, I’m just not really sure where you’re going with tacking on an unexplained “players with lots of resources can conquer extra counties” mechanic, when you say you’re just having a stab at reimplementing Darth’s idea.

I’m not sure if this is an issue with an us-vs-them type dynasty. I’m all for making Invasion more interesting and balanced, I’m just naturally suspicious when the enemy are proposing something which could potentially be built into a war machine that could conquer the entire country in five minutes.


03-26-2010 22:56:22 UTC

@ Kevan: an unexplained “players with lots of resources can conquer extra counties” mechanic - that’s more than a bit disingenuous. Overall levels of resources are meaningless to this proposal, as extra conquering capacity is depended entirely on Electricity, which everyone has an equal chance of obtaining.

The truth is, I reused the do-actions-again mechanic because I wanted to propose Electricity, I wanted to include an applied example in the proposal and the mechanic was already on my mind. I’m not very bright, thinking up new ideas takes me a while. Personally, I’d be far more likely to spend my lecky on a Generator, which is much more broken.

I think this may be a problem with the adversarial component of this dynasty, though - although it seems a bit soon to be reflexively suspicious. Not only is there not yet a victory condition, there are also in fact no adverse consequences to “losing” the invasion - sure, the invading army can disrupt trade routes during its advance, but once it HAS advanced Loyalists can still use the trade routes that are entirely within occupied territory. I do expect the partisan scrutiny, but later, when I know what I’m supposed to be scamming towards :P

In any case: I can assure you that this proposal has, to my knowledge, no covert advantage to either side specifically; furthermore, its overt advantages offer no intrinsic benefit to one side or the other. As far as I know, that is.

Of course, I could be lying.


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03-27-2010 19:03:47 UTC

against Favours people who don’t mind writing scripts to repeatedly hammer the BBC’s servers, and I don’t want to inflict that on them.


03-27-2010 19:04:26 UTC

Cov to for. Whoever gets Electricity first can immediately Wage War 5 times. That seems broken.


03-27-2010 19:06:37 UTC

Sorry, I meant against


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