Sunday, September 20, 2009

Proposal: Book of the Dead

Times out 5-4 -Darth

Adminned at 25 Sep 2009 14:59:55 UTC

Add a new rule called “From Beyond The Grave”:

The Doomsday Cult has dark magic allowing them to speak with the dead. As a weekly action, a Cultist may speak with the dead by sending a PM to the Leader, containing the name of one Fallen Survivor and one question. Within 48 hours of the start of a week, the Leader shall make a post (the Seance) containing a list of questions asked in this manner in the previous week, and the Fallen Survivors who were asked.

Fallen Survivors who were asked questions in this way shall comment to the Seance containing answers to the questions. The answers shall be as truthful as possible.

Also, I forgot to say this yesterday, but: Yarr!



09-20-2009 23:46:48 UTC



09-21-2009 00:08:02 UTC

for Don’t know how it can be enforced, though.


09-21-2009 00:54:44 UTC

If someone else knows the right answer, and an asked survivor lies, the person who knows can CfJ it. Other than that, it’s unenforceable.


09-21-2009 01:22:12 UTC

for This feels familiar…


09-21-2009 02:11:35 UTC

against enforcement issues

Ienpw III:

09-21-2009 03:09:22 UTC

for I trust most, if not all, of you.


09-21-2009 04:00:15 UTC

@Rodlen: Yes, this was inspired by the Seances of the Werewolf Dynasty. Only I decided that it only makes sense Cultists to be able to perform it, not normal innocents.

Also, Qwaz: The Zahndorf citizens were okay with it…


09-21-2009 04:06:59 UTC

That was 2 years ago, and Kevan was playing.


09-21-2009 04:07:41 UTC

Also, those who remember arth’s Dynasty know that even attempt to be truthful fail sometimes.


09-21-2009 05:49:21 UTC

I never attempted to be truthful on purpose!


09-21-2009 08:06:52 UTC



09-21-2009 14:07:52 UTC

It was required by the rules at the time, lol


09-21-2009 16:07:31 UTC

against Please make sure that the questions must be relevant to the game. Otherwise we’ve effectively got a complicatedly indirect game of truth-or-dare going on here.


09-22-2009 02:13:22 UTC

CoV against


09-23-2009 00:41:39 UTC