Thursday, July 28, 2022

Story Post: Bout #18: DuckTank vs Credit Score: F [SupernovaStarbright vs lendunistus]

In position number 4 we have DuckTank, who is increasingly looking like a maximalist Hard Hat - they’re the same lurid yellow, and DuckTank’s traditional duck-bill-shaped flipper is gone, replaced with a hydraulic battering ram hidden behind a sporty Cow Catcher.

Opposite the mighty mallard, Credit Score: F. Operator Lendunistus banked their first win in their last bout against CrowBot2000, but it’s hard to shake the feeling that the real work was done by the arena. Nothing to hide behind here - so expect a lot of examination into whether Credit Score F has actually hit a winning formula or not.

And they’re off!

Cagey from DuckTank in the opening move, shuttling forward a single position to square 5. Credit Rating: F is bolder, taking position in square 10. DuckTank nudges again, seeking position in square 6, and lendunistus jams forward, slamming into DuckTank face-first - and stuck there as DuckTank refuses to budge, Bumping against the superior engine output of its bulkier rival!

DuckTank senses something to get stuck into, so up goes the cow catcher and out comes the ram - and with two big hits Credit Score F is shoved back to position 9, and that flipper is starting to look mightily dinged.

Credit Score opts for an evade, but SupernovaStarbright must have some sort of extra-sensory perception, because as Credit Score F dodges, DuckTank pursues it, ram still out. Credit Score keeps dodging, and DuckTank keeps finding it - each time DuckTank pushing forward and Credit Score falling back. Thirteen times, Credit Score F falls back and DuckTank finds it with that mighty ram - until, with a toppling crash, Credit Score F evades itself into the gutters!

DuckTank wins by TKO!


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