Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Story Post: Bout #22: The Dark Lord vs Yvette the Botmistress [Brendan vs chiiika]

Well these two have been trading blows on twitter all morning - either there’s no love lost between them or it’s all a bit of gamesmanship. I’ve always said, BlogBots is played on a hundred-square-foot arena but it really takes place up in the ole noggin, and in Brendan and chiiika we have to masters of the head-game that is BlogBots. Hopefully we’ll see some of their nifty work in the arena as well.

Oh - here we go!

IN THE LEFT, IN POSITION 4! It’s Dark Lord! Looks like the emo teen of this scene has had a bit of a rework - a dark LED banner has been positioned towards the front, as if being used as a tactical shield, and some of the other bits of glittering weaponry look slimmed down - as always, Dark Lord is expensive, but looks somehow more nimble than usual.

AND TO THE RIGHT, IN POSITION 16! Coming in on her third bout in this series, following a win against Credit Score: F and a loss to Hard Hat, it’s Yvette the Botmistress! She too has taken some changes; an upgraded chassis can be seen underneath a mound-shaped body, clearly anticipating a flip-heavy attack.

There’s the red light - then the amber - then the blue! It’s on!

Dark Lord is the first mover, and that huge nuclear engine is no joke - Dark Lord slammed across the arena right into Yvette, shoving her back to position 17 - and Yvette answers with those huge crunchy pincers, clanking into Dark Lord and giving it an almighty jolt! That’ll’ve rattled a few bolts Loose!

But no matter, says Dark Lord, and - OH! Oh my goodness! That lighter build-out has worked wonders because there Yvette goes, shoved in one motion out of the arena and into the gutter. What a move! The judges waste no time in deliberating - it’s Dark Lord wins by TKO!


Brendan: he/him

03-08-2022 20:50:09 UTC

The “go” light is blue?

Josh: he/they

03-08-2022 21:00:00 UTC