Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Story Post: Bout #26: Dark Lord vs Bad Door [Brendan vs maldor]

Ah, here’s Brendan, swaggering into the arena. Looks like he’s flipping off the crowd - ah, and they love it. To be fair, that’s a mild, even affectionate entrance for the Bad Boy of BlogBot. Just Brendan being Brendan! By contrast, here’s maldor, chatting, signing autographs, pausing for a selfie - seems like a really likeable guy - but Brendan’s just putting on his aviators and scanning the crowd for hot chicks. That is some rock and roll living, right there.

Here come the bots. The bumpers are up, so neither Operator seems to have gone for a shove-heavy lineup. Dark Lord is coming into position 4, having reconfigured around a grapple-and axe combo - the versatility of this Bot and Operator is so wild, last Bout it was a conventional shover but this is a completely different spec.

On the other end, at 16, it’s Bad Door - Bad Door is of course very familiar to fans having just come off of a hot run in the club circuit, but tonight’s it’s first runout in the League. The ram/flipper/taser combo it’s working with today is an interesting mix, less immediately obvious in terms of strategy than Dark Lord, but who knows? It’s not just about the config, it’s about the orders.

The blue light is flashing - here we go!

Dark Lord is off the line first, crashing forward to position 16 - clattering into Bad Door back but bashing itself hard on that ram in the process! Bad Door retaliates with a shot from its taser which embeds itself into Dark Lord’s LED Banner, but Dark Lord has popped a side-loaded harpoon from its chassis and plugs Bad Door right in the side with it - Bad Door is Grappled and appears to be Anchored to Dark Lord!

Bad Door now has a puzzle as to how to resolve its predicament - and it appears to have decided on the ram way out, charging straight at Dark Lord and trying to force its way through! Dark Lord has the edge on shoving power so isn’t budged but that ram is starting to do some serious damage to the Dark Lord’s hull. But Dark Lord isn’t backing off - and now, from the other side of the chassis comes a glittering pickaxe - which is brought down hard onto Bad Door, doing major damage to its chassis! Again and again Bad Door tries to break free, but Dark Lord is implacable - holding its position and bringing down that axe, two, three, four times - and Bad Door can’t hold up against the onslaught.

Dark Lord wins by TKO!


Maldor: he/him

10-08-2022 17:23:23 UTC

Maldor gives the severely damaged bot a puzzled look. He’s trying to determine if the pattern of axe slashes on what remains of the hull of his bot look like… And determines that its the The Dark Lord’s way of flipping him off…

Not happy, but undeterred, Maldor goes to work on repairing the chassis

Great post, kinda wish that the ram did more… might do something regarding a running start or something…