Monday, August 09, 2010

Proposal: Briefing

Times out 5-3. Enacted. - lilomar

Adminned at 11 Aug 2010 13:42:40 UTC

Create a VIOLET rule, “The Mission”:-

The following list is the Mission Requirements. If no additions have been made to this list within the past 10 days, any ULTRAVIOLET Officer may add a requirement to this rule and make a Story Post announcing it, but the requirement is not added unless the High-Programmer comments on the announcement Story Post with an ARROW.
* An ULTRAVIOLET Officer has a clone-number of greater than 2.
* No Citizen is in a Sector with no other Citizens, unless that Citizen is also the only Citizen of their Clearance level.
* There is a Rule of each clearance level.

Create an ULTRAVIOLET rule, “Debriefing”:-

If all Mission Requirements have been met, then all Citizens with clone numbers less than 7 are Surviving Troubleshooters. If there are any Surviving Troubleshooters, then being Terminated sets a Citizen’s Clone Number to 7 instead of incrementing it by one. If all Mission Requirements have been met, then no Citizen who is not a Surviving Troubleshooter may achieve victory.

THE COMPUTER: Welcome Citizens. I have a mission for you, won’t that be fun? Of course it will. Fun is mandatory.
Coppro-O: What is our mission Friend Computer?
THE COMPUTER: To Assassinate an ULTRAVIOLET Citizen, find any commie-mutant-traitors that may be hiding in abandoned sectors, and fill these holes in the security protocol.
Coppro-O: But what do those things have to do with each other, Friend Computer?
THE COMPUTER: I’m sorry, that information is above your clearance level. However, rest assured that your mission is of VITAL IMPORTANCE to the safety of Alpha Complex.



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I’m worried that this rule is going in the wrong direction. Rather than a basically impossible condition (along the lines of “nobody can win for 1000 days”) that is relaxed over time via proposal or other means, it starts with a relatively weak set of conditions designed to be added to; thus, I fear that a quick scam could lead to the whole thing being fulfilled very quickly. (Idle AGAINST.)

Darknight: HE/HIM

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@ais523:This isn’t actually a victory condition yet


08-09-2010 23:34:01 UTC

ais: the creation of these rules would make it harder to gain victory, without making it easier, or even possible, without a further gamestate change.

Ienpw III:

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08-10-2010 05:34:00 UTC

for but note that Bucky’s clone-number is 2.


08-10-2010 12:20:48 UTC

@lilomar: In that case, I fear we might get a situation like in the first dynasty of Darth Cliche or the fifth of Kevan, where someone has a good plan to win but is incapable of carrying it out due to being barred from doing so by the rules (although in both of those cases, the bar was effectively placed at random, rather than being based on player actions as happens here).

Players in such a situation tend to form “suicidal alliances” where they try the best they can to aid another player to win, completely ignoring their own personal gamestate (just like I failed to help Ienpw III win Darth’s dynasty, and Darth succeeded in helping flurie win Kevan’s). It tends, therefore, to lead to a rather politicized and desperate end to a dynasty that doesn’t have much in common with what happened before it.


08-10-2010 18:06:25 UTC

against These requirements are trivial to achieve for UV citizens, and close to impossible for lower-levels.

Kevan: HE/HIM

08-11-2010 13:00:49 UTC