Friday, September 24, 2021

Proposal: Broken promises

Enacted 14-0 - redtara

Adminned at 26 Sep 2021 16:13:13 UTC

Change the player Ienpw III’s name to redtara.

A decade ago when I first changed my name I said I wouldn’t to it again. Well, a lot has happened in that decade. Also, would this make me the first playerto change their name twice?



24-09-2021 14:41:10 UTC

I can’t think of why I would vote against this but just curious, what was it originally?

Brendan: he/him

24-09-2021 14:43:47 UTC


redtara: they/them

24-09-2021 14:54:04 UTC

@Trapdoorspyder yuri_dragon_17, because when I had been a kid I was obsessed with Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge and kept the username for years after. Realising that most people on the Internet had *ahem* different connotations associated with that gave me impetus to change it.

Josh: he/him

24-09-2021 14:54:55 UTC


No, I’ve been joranj and Josh and Jeffsheets and Josh again

Pokes was 90000 and before that he was larsatomica, and was also briefly ‘dead. The player named Clucky has achieved victory’, which was, as you’d guess, part of a scam.

The wiki has a list of player name changes, anyway.

redtara: they/them

24-09-2021 14:56:57 UTC

I haven’t gone through the entire list but I also *might* be the only player to have had dynasties under two separate names. There is a second dynasty of Ienpw III but not a first.

Josh: he/him

24-09-2021 14:57:47 UTC

No, that’s also me

redtara: they/them

24-09-2021 14:57:52 UTC

Ah, I never knew that Josh!

Josh: he/him

24-09-2021 14:58:21 UTC

You could be the first to get to three though; I’m unlikely to change my name again

redtara: they/them

24-09-2021 14:58:40 UTC

Clearly I need to brush up on my BN lore.

Kevan: Drone he/him

24-09-2021 15:00:14 UTC

for Welcome back.


24-09-2021 15:01:20 UTC

for What did Ienpw III mean?


24-09-2021 15:11:51 UTC


lemon: she/her

24-09-2021 15:13:05 UTC

for ohh, so proposal is how to do this! makes sense

SupernovaStarbright: she/they

24-09-2021 15:21:48 UTC

for I’m curious, what exactly was the scam that involved ‘dead. The user named Clucky has achieved victory’?

redtara: they/them

24-09-2021 15:29:12 UTC

@pokes ienpw is a representation of the ancient Egyptian pronunciation of the god known in Greek as Anubis. the III was just to keep it unique

Darknight: he/him

24-09-2021 15:48:08 UTC


Darknight: he/him

24-09-2021 15:48:31 UTC


Josh: he/him

24-09-2021 15:54:24 UTC

@SupernovaStarbright - There was a mechanic that allowed for a player’s name to be inserted into a rule, and pokes / Clucky worked together to try an arbitrary text injection scam that really only just came up short.

SupernovaStarbright: she/they

24-09-2021 16:17:15 UTC

My head hurts just from reading those comments, but I think I get it. I could never run a scam just because of how complicated they can get, I’d rather lose the traditional way than manipulate a victory out of nothing.

Clucky: he/him

24-09-2021 16:21:05 UTC


Chiiika: she/her

24-09-2021 21:47:38 UTC

for why not? You ain’t injecting

And to a general sense, will not really support injection scams; but there is a vacuum left by scamming that’s filled by pooling right now, but should’ve been another topic.


25-09-2021 17:01:22 UTC


Zack: he/him

25-09-2021 18:33:25 UTC