Friday, June 15, 2012

btw, Darknight is still time buddah

Assuming Josh’s move to dynasty 71 was legal, that makes Josh time buddah again, right? Because it never got reset. Even if OMD’s scam worked, he first became time buddah, then repealed the rules. But that rule making Darknight time buddah would’ve triggered right after OMD became emperor. I think the repealing still goes through, but DN stays time buddah.

Who knows is this is dynasty 100, 101 or 102. But fairly sure regardless, Darknight is time buddah.



16-06-2012 00:13:55 UTC

DK is Time Buddha IF the jump really went through. The CfJ in question looks likely to fail. If the jump never went through, then Purplebeard is actually Time Buddha, and the Metadynasty was never initiaited.

Clucky: he/him

16-06-2012 00:48:26 UTC

well IF there is a time buddah (i.e. there is also no metadynasty), the time buddah would occupy dynasty 71, so the “Darknight is time buddah” rule triggers, so Darknight is time buddah, right?


16-06-2012 00:56:45 UTC

Wrong :)

“At any given time, each Time Monk occupies a specific dynasty [...] A Time Monk is subject to the Dynastic Rules of the final ruleset of the Dynasty that they occupy”

“The Time Buddha is considered to Occupy all dynasties simultaneously, and can perform any Time Buddha-specific action, provided that it would not affect their GNDT values, from any Dynasty, at any time.”

“The Time Buddha does not count as a Time Monk for the purposes of any other Dynastic Rule, except where that Rule specifically refers to the Time Buddha.”

Nowhere does it say that the Time Buddha is subject to the Dynastic Rules from the Dynasties they occupy!

Clucky: he/him

16-06-2012 01:37:25 UTC

Ah, forgot Time Buddah isn’t a time monk for the purposes of “ATime Monk is subject to the dyanastic rules of the dynasty they occupy”

Clucky: he/him

16-06-2012 06:24:41 UTC

actually “If a Dynastic Rule from any Dynasty other than Dynasty 100 refers to a Time Monk by name, instead it shall be taken to refer to a nonexistent Idle Time Monk” is in place now. So it depends on if that passed before or after OMD became emperor.

Josh: he/they

16-06-2012 07:34:33 UTC

Either way, the CfJ failed. I was never in Dynasty 71. I think Purplebeard is now the sole Time Buddha.

Clucky: he/him

16-06-2012 07:37:01 UTC

Yeah. Also the Darknight mentioned in that ruleset isn’t a player anymore.

The question remains about whether or not the Relationship * PP summation is zero or invalid, and if its invalid, does that still kill the protagonist?


16-06-2012 07:38:56 UTC

I believe that the sum is zero.


16-06-2012 13:54:11 UTC

Again, the Narrator needs to explicitly post for it to go down, so it’s down to PB’s decision.