Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Proposal: Build ‘em up

Self-Killed. -RaichuKFM

Adminned at 09 Jan 2014 11:00:54 UTC

If the proposal “Supply Route” failed, this proposal has no effect.

Create a new page on the wiki titled “Buildings” or, if the page exists, clear its contents.

Add a new rule “Blueprints” with the following text:

The following blueprints have been uncovered and their contents may be built using scavenged Supplies.

- Hydroponic Farm (cost 50): Produces 1 food per active Survivor per week
- Robotic Assistant (cost 100): Whenever a survivor rolls a Dice, they may reduce OR increase the number on the Dice by 1 (ex: DICE5 becomes DICE4 or DICE6)

Blueprints are built via Story Posts - a Survivor can make a story post with the title “Blueprint” any time the Supplies are greater than the cost of the Blueprint. Other survivors may then vote on the story post, and if it meets the same criteria as a Proposal would to be passed, then the Blueprint is built, and the Supplies are reduced by the cost of the Blueprint.

To build a blueprint, the wiki page Blueprints is modified to include the name of the building. If the wiki page Blueprints includes the name of the building, then it is considered built and its effects are applied at the appropriate times. The Buildings wiki page may not be modified except via the above process.

Let’s get building some stuff! This may be wordy but I wanted to make sure it was loophole-proof. Not sure if this is the established process or what, but it seems like it would work.


Clucky: he/him

08-01-2014 19:05:31 UTC


Having to vote on blueprints seems long and excessive and mechanically the only difference from a blueprint post and a proposal saying “this proposal ignores the last clause of the Blueprints rule. reduce the supplies by X and add the following building:” is it lets you get around the proposal limit.

Also the buildings seem a little strong for the price. 12 food (the amount the farm generates in one week currently) is 6 explores worth on average. 50 supplies is 8-9 salvages so it’ll pay off very fast. Not all dice rolls are created equal, so an unlimited +/- 1 to what your rolling also seems unbalanced at most any price.


09-01-2014 08:15:49 UTC


Kevan: he/him

09-01-2014 08:53:43 UTC

against Per Clucky. And we may as well just add “This has been built” next to the Blueprint in the rule text, rather than making a separate wiki page that says “Farm Blueprint has been built”.


09-01-2014 09:29:39 UTC


The Cube:

09-01-2014 16:38:11 UTC

against Let’s self kill it then - Might put up a re-worked one in a few days if nobody else has a better idea. Thanks for the feedback :D