Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Proposal: Building a Better Halfbrick

Times out 8 FOR to 4 AGAINST, with only 3 trivials. Enacted by Kevan, to no effect. +10 to Kevan.

Adminned at 22 Oct 2009 16:03:32 UTC

If Arthexis is on the Indigo team, move him to the Violet team.

If the proposal “Telling Arthexis to shove a brick up his nose” passed, the rest of this proposal has no effect.

Enact a new Rule as a subset of Rule 2.1 (Points), called “The Real Speed Limit”:-

No Player can have their score absolutely increased by more than 100 during a single day (which is defined as a 24 hour period starting at midnight UTC). If a Player’s score would be absolutely increased by more than 100 during a day, their score is instead increased by the maximum amount which doesn’t cause their score to be absolutely increased by more than 100 that day (this can be zero).

(After being enacted, this rule shall not belong to any Team.)

Enact a new Rule called “Arthexis Notices Something Fun”:-

As a daily action, Kevan may Throw a Halfbrick. Upon doing so, all players are exempt from the effects of the rule “Speed Limit” for the remainder of the game. If the rule “Speed Limit” no longer exists, repeal this rule.

Just a little concerned that Bucky’s proposal falls foul of “any way in which the enactment of a proposal would amend or repeal a rule that is owned by a Team”, so I’ll throw this into the ring as backup.



10-20-2009 21:36:33 UTC

for  Just because it’s funny when archnemeses have to work together.


10-20-2009 23:25:33 UTC



10-21-2009 00:21:40 UTC

against *laughs* This dynasty is finally keeping me entertained!


10-21-2009 00:23:58 UTC

Oh, also I must point out that this type of proposal has normally been voted down due to causing lasting unregulated non-rule effects (or so kevan said last time) but is nevertheless fun to watch people switching their ethics just to to try to confront me.


10-21-2009 00:37:17 UTC

It times out, at least.  And Cheese is still Awesome.


10-21-2009 00:47:55 UTC

for Trivial


10-21-2009 01:27:02 UTC

You’re right, I could have worded that better. It was an oversight rather than a deliberate reversal of any “ethics”, though, and I don’t think it breaks any rules.

Ienpw III:

10-21-2009 01:44:37 UTC



10-21-2009 02:15:05 UTC

@kevan: I accept your oversight as such.


10-21-2009 07:19:48 UTC



10-21-2009 13:49:52 UTC



10-21-2009 15:21:13 UTC

Note that Bucky’s proposal achieves more than this one, if it passes, as it will actually repeal the unwanted Speed Limit rule (rather than just setting it up to be repealed, as this one does).


10-21-2009 15:34:47 UTC



10-21-2009 17:41:34 UTC



10-21-2009 20:38:31 UTC

COV:  for


10-21-2009 20:58:44 UTC

Oh BTW:  veto, Explanation: This proposal would create an Orange rule “Arthexis Notices Something Fun” (because Kevan is in my team, and he only specifies that the first rule should not be orange) ; however the rule specifies a clause that says that anybody may repeal it.

Since this proposal would allow an Orange Proposal to be repealed, I can VETO it.


10-21-2009 21:35:35 UTC

“If there is any way in which the enactment of a proposal would amend or repeal a rule that is owned by a Team” - the enactment wouldn’t amend or repeal it, the future state of “Speed Limit does not exist” would.


10-22-2009 00:12:20 UTC

Also, as of two minutes ago I am on the Yellow Team.


10-22-2009 00:18:05 UTC

(Although you can’t Team-Rule veto a proposal by a fellow Team member anyway.)


10-22-2009 01:34:11 UTC

Fine, now that you’re not in orange I get to keep DK and EX…


10-22-2009 01:47:14 UTC



10-22-2009 03:28:00 UTC

That’s right, now I’m gonna beat the oppressive Kevan with the power of friendship!


10-22-2009 05:07:56 UTC

imperial Trivial


10-22-2009 11:12:41 UTC



10-22-2009 20:47:34 UTC

CoV,  against .  Since this now does nothing, I want to hold it up long enough for others to Trivial it.


10-22-2009 21:21:06 UTC

against Trivial