Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Proposal: Building a nation

6-1. Reached Quorum.—Chronos

Adminned at 14 Sep 2005 14:34:34 UTC

Add a construction rule:

Countries may construct buildings at any time. Each building takes a certain integer amount of periods to build as well as certain amounts of commodoties per period. A building may also require certain amounts of commodities to begin its construction. All these amounts may be different for countries of different races.
A country may announce the constructing of a building on the world page by adding “constructing: (name of building), (amount of periods left) periods left” to the world wiki page, under ‘buildings’, and substracting the initial cost (if there is one) of the building from eir commodities. E may construct no more than two buildings at the same time, and e may not construct two in the same territory at the same time.

Often, e may substract the listed amounts of the commodities needed for the building from eir commodities and may substract 1 from the amount of periods listed on the world page. When this amount of periods has reached zero, the building is considered completed and operating, and the added term to the world page is to be replaced by the name of the completed building.

The following building is available for construction:

Average guys: 12 metal for 6 periods, no initial cost
Robots: 12 metal for 4 periods, an initial cost of 15 metal
Upon completion, the production capacity of the territory for grain shall be increased by DICE4, which shall be rolled by the territory’s owner if it has one, or by the hegemonist if it hasn’t.
When a farm is demolished, the production capacity of the territory for grain shall be lowered by 1 plus DICE2, which will be rolled by the territory’s owner if it has one, or by the hegemonist if it hasn’t.

Add to the Races rule:

The race of each country shall be tracked in the GNDT

The races need to be tracked if the rule is to take effect.



09-13-2005 18:35:56 UTC

I’m terribly sorry for the other post: the server was quite slow and I must have pushed the wrong button.


09-13-2005 19:56:09 UTC


I love the idea, but I thought territories have populations which are of races, not countries.

It just happens that all territories controlled by a Neorobotnikism government have robots as their race.


09-13-2005 20:07:24 UTC

Buildings may only be built on territories controlled by a country, and the population of that territory is therefore always of the race the country has chosen, so I don’t see your point.


09-13-2005 22:14:32 UTC

for Fantastic. Do you play Anacreon?


09-13-2005 22:32:50 UTC



09-13-2005 23:32:36 UTC



09-14-2005 03:54:21 UTC

against Because of hte having to change it every day factor.

If this passes, i’ll move to amend it with a ‘finish date: x’, and when the time hits that date, it’s done.
daily bookeeping is dumb.


09-14-2005 15:15:24 UTC

I know the bookkeeping is a hassle, but right now we’re expected to increase our commodoties stocks daily anyway, so this proposal won’t change much in that respect.

Chronos: I do not play anacreon, nor have I heard of it before. Thanks for the compliment anyway. :)


09-14-2005 16:09:28 UTC

Anacreon: http://neurohack.com/anacreon/

Their method for building things is very similar to what you proposed.


09-14-2005 21:19:11 UTC