Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Proposal: Bulk Bye

popular 3-1 enacted by card

Adminned at 27 Nov 2019 20:32:40 UTC

Reword the “Bulk” Monstrosity to:-

If your name is Card, your Max HP is increased by 60. This is Visible.

It’s been nearly a week and we’re only a third of the way through Card’s HP. Let’s not do this one again.


The Duke of Waltham: he/him

26-11-2019 10:39:05 UTC

I think we’ve seen the limit of Bulk’s possibilities… Let TyGuy find a different strategy as the Monster. (I’ll support a bit later, even though it’s a simple enough proposal.)


26-11-2019 10:57:19 UTC

Au contraire, I plan to avoid the grind. Six rounds or less, please, for me. But taking out Bulk entirely, that’d be quite the blow to my last position. I’d have to copy Kevan, but without his first position hacks. Unfair.


26-11-2019 10:57:36 UTC


The Duke of Waltham: he/him

26-11-2019 11:11:11 UTC

If this doesn’t pass, I’ll have to recommend reducing Bulk boons to no more than one or two per Monster.


26-11-2019 17:01:57 UTC


The Duke of Waltham: he/him

26-11-2019 23:56:29 UTC

TyGuy has convinced me… But I’ll support this one as well, just in case he decides to self-kill.  for


27-11-2019 20:32:14 UTC