Friday, May 11, 2007


This proposal will allow management to create BUSYWORK (Beneficial Utilization of Senior Yeoman’s Work) for workers. These are goals for the machine, that will be voted on by management in a similar manner to restructuring. Completed Busywork will result in a BACPAT (BUSYWORK Accomplished Cash Payout for Achieving Triumph) for management. Basically a cash reward set when the BUSYWORK was created. This will be awarded to all managers. Because letting managers vote on ways for them to make money is only fair.

I’m also considering including a provision that will remove the clause in ChivalryBean’s proposal that gives Management money when the machine runs, since this accomplishes a similar goal in a different manner.

Other things I’ve considered is giving the reward to a specific individual but I’m not sure how that would be determined. Another idea was to make the BACPAT part a trophy (BUSYWORK Achievement through Creative Productivity Award Trophy) awarded to the worker responsible for achieving the goal instead. And maybe have a separate cash reward for management. Then the number of BACPAT’s a worker had could be used in evaluating people for management somehow. Maybe different positions could have minimum eligibility requirements.  But again this would require some method of assigning credit.

Its really a rough idea, so comments (and better acronym suggestions :) ) are welcome.



05-13-2007 21:41:04 UTC

Goals. Those are a good idea. I like the acronyms {:0)