Friday, June 29, 2018

Call for Cards

Wise Workers of Wizardly Wonders:

We need more cards! we’re burning through them at a rapid pace, and we have around two days of cards left. We need more cards! about 60 more to be comfortable.

In particular demand are cards that take advantage of Thaum or home of a wizard, Or that change attitudes.



30-06-2018 00:38:25 UTC

how many cards can I propose in a single proposal before people vote against it just because so many are proposed at once?


30-06-2018 02:45:46 UTC

maybe you shouldn’t have dealt the cards so early…. you can throw “start playing/drawing” in your hand again if we’re too slow…


30-06-2018 04:54:13 UTC

reminder for someone (i’ll do it when I have a spare proposal) to fix the idling problem since people could idle with lots of cards, then other people could draw those cards and then the idle person could come back and we’d have duplicates

derrick: he/him

30-06-2018 11:11:19 UTC

I played “Start dealing” when we had four weeks of cards left. It got changed to four days when Keven proposed deal of the day.

I don’t know what the limit on cards is. I’ve seen around 10 at a time as common.

Thanks for proposing those cards folks.