Thursday, October 20, 2011

Call for Judgment: Categorical imperative

Not in the CfJ category, ironically, and too late to put it there (“A non-official post may not, through editing of the blog or otherwise, be changed into an official post, with the following exception: Whilst a non-official post has been posted for less than fifteen minutes and has no comments, the author may change the categories as they wish.”). Marked illegal by Kevan.

Adminned at 20 Oct 2011 01:23:50 UTC

Amend Rule 3.1 by inserting this text immediately after the definition of “Can”:

  A type of Official Post defined or mentioned by the rules as being a “category”.

and by replacing the definition of “Story Post” with this text:

A Story Post is an Official Post that does not belong to any category.

Amend Rule 3.2 by replacing all text in the first paragraph after “Posts following the format specified by a rule are considered official posts.” with this text:

An official post cannot simultaneously belong to more than one category unless otherwise specified by dynastic rules.



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