Friday, March 22, 2013

Can we fix it?

If the proposal “Never stop working” fails then this proposal does nothing

Add the following text to the end of the first paragraph in the sub-rule “Space Stations”

A captain with the ship class “space station” can not gain energy by the act of refueling

I wrote it this way so I didn’t accidentally make it illegal for space stations to be involved in the process at all.



22-03-2013 02:34:25 UTC

Not a proposal, and when you do try again, please include the following or a variant thereof to fix two more bugs I found:

Rewrite the rule “Space Stations” by replacing the text

“If you pay the refueling fee you may increase your energy by five and decrease the space stations energy by 1.”

wherever it appears with the text

“To Refuel, a Captain must transfer the Resources named in the Refueling Cost associated with a Space Station to the Captain who controls that Space Station, increase their Energy by 5, and decrease the Space Station’s Energy by 1. No Captain may Refuel at a Space Station whose owner has not specified a Refueling Cost or if Refueling would reduce the Space Station’s Energy below 0.”