Thursday, January 05, 2006

Candidates for Idling

The End of Days has arrived, and these are the current nominees for Idleness by Inactivity (the date seven days after eir most recent votes are included):

AgentHH (6/2006), Cayvie (2/2005), Cosmologicon (2/2006), danopato (5/2006), Salamander (~363/2005), The Lone Amigo (5/2006), vee (3/2006)

I’ll wait for tomorrow before the 5/2006 protagonists and two days before AgentHH.

If it’s all the same, and even if it isn’t, for that matter, I’ll leave the GNDT exactly the way it is currently.



01-05-2006 16:11:26 UTC

Good work. I’ve tried to make the idling cut-off easier with my latest proposal.