Sunday, September 25, 2005

Proposal: Cannonball Z

5-0, passes unanimously after it reaches quorum.  Enacted by Excalabur

Adminned at 26 Sep 2005 16:27:54 UTC

If Proposal: fortifications didn’t pass, this proposal does nothing.

Add to the list of available constructions:

* Cannon (Machinery)
o Cost:
* Average guys:
** Initial cost: 2 population
** Cost per Period: 14 metal, 2 petroleum
** Number of Periods: 4 Periods
* Robots:
** Initial cost: 2 population
** Cost per Period: 20 metal, 2 petroleum
** Number of Periods: 3 Periods
o Effects:
+ When performing an attack on another country, if e controls a cannon and the defender controls a fortification, the attacking country may pay 10 metal and 2 petroleum. If e does, the effect of the attack will be multiplied by 0.75 and rounded up instead of being halved.
+ If a country has a fortification in a territory, and another country has two cannons in that territory, the latter may pay 15 metal and 5 petroleum to destroy the fortification and remove it from the world page.



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for We should have an Anime Dynasty sometime.


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