Friday, May 22, 2020

Call for Judgment: Card scam amnesty

Fewer than a quorum not voting against, failed 2 votes to 5 by Kevan.

Adminned at 22 May 2020 20:51:21 UTC

Set the cards of the Amnesiac called Clucky to the King of Hearts, the King of Spades and the Three of Spades.

Set the cards of the Amnesiac called Kevan to the 5 of Spades.

Set the cards of the Amnesiac called Josh to the Ace of Hearts, the Three of Diamonds and another card chosen at random as per the rule Playing Cards.

Kevan and Clucky each got a bonus card earlier in the dynasty through exploiting a timing scam with a minor change to the card generation rule, arguing that the minor change constituted a new action that they could perform freely. I mistakenly gave myself an illegal card, but the CfJ that has been raised to fix it has opened up an opportunity for me to scam a bonus card relatively trivially. Given that cards don’t matter yet, might as well just purge all the rotten wood and have a scamnesty.


Darknight: HE/HIM

05-22-2020 18:55:58 UTC



05-22-2020 18:59:51 UTC


Clucky: HE/HIM

05-22-2020 19:03:27 UTC


First off, why are we punishing legal scams? especially ones done weeks ago? That feels rather anti-nomic.

Secondly, ayesdeeef also performed the same scam you did to get a second card arguing they never performed the first action while idle but that isn’t tracked here.

Finally, this has all the same “I could spend a card and still get the rewards for spending the card” problems that my CfJ does


05-22-2020 19:07:29 UTC

Spending the cards only has an effect if the Past Memory is online, though (as the card is removed at the point at which the Past Memory processes the action). I was expecting this CfJ to pass quickly, as, in effect, a “timing counterscam”.

Clucky: HE/HIM

05-22-2020 19:10:42 UTC

but this has the exact same problem as my original CfJ. If we can pass this one quickly, we can pass mine quickly.

The difference is that all mine does is fixes a mistake, while this punishes people for a legitimate scam two weeks after it was performed


05-22-2020 19:53:12 UTC

against per Clucky


05-22-2020 20:16:42 UTC



05-22-2020 20:39:47 UTC

against This situation is too complicated, and we need to work out what actually happened and what the fix should be in order to ensure that a CfJ will be watertight.

Kevan: HE/HIM

05-22-2020 20:44:28 UTC

This could also impact pending Reminiscence actions, which will fizzle if the card doesn’t exist. It also blocks these players from gaining any new cards while this is pending, if that’s relevant.

But we can always propose what we like, it’s all part of the game. If anything this seems a risky gambit for encouraging players to wave through mild future scams from Josh and reverse them later at a more opportune moment, pointing back to this precedent. Nomic!