Monday, January 23, 2006

Proposal: Care to put some doubloons on that?

8-0.  Timed out, enacted by Excalabur

Adminned at 25 Jan 2006 12:04:10 UTC

And add a rule. Gambling:-

Pirates enjoy gambling with eir Booty. This is done Wagering in the comments of posts specified in this rule. Wagers must include a predicted outcome and an amount of Booty which is immediately paid into the Pot. This amount cannot be more doubloons than the betting Swashbuckler owns.

On the resolution of a Post with wagers on it, the Booty in the Pot is redistributed to the Swashbucklers who predicted the outcome correctly. First, every winning Swashbuckler gets back what e paid in; then the remainder is divided in proportion to the size of each winning wager to the total of all winning wagers, rounded down to the nearest doubloon (floor function). Leftover doubloons go to the Swashbuckler who processed the Post outcome and distributed the winnings.

We can come up with all kinds of things to gamble on. I’m doing duels in my next proposal. Here’s an example of dividing the Pot:

Three Swashbuckers bet on the outcome of a duel initiated by The Lone Amigo against Excalabur:

Alfred’s Wager: The Lone Amigo, 5
Boris’ Wager: The Lone Amigo, 10
Cuthbert’s Wager: Excalabur, 8

If the Lone Amigo wins the duel:
Alfred gets back 5 + 2 (5 wagered/15 total winning wagers* 8 remainder, round down)
Boris gets back 10 + 5 (10 wagered/15 total winning wagers * 8 remainder, round down)
Cuthbert gets nothing
The processor of this duel (The Lone Amigo) gets the leftover doubloon.

If Excalabur wins the duel:
Alfred gets nothing
Boris gets nothing
Cuthbert gets 8 + 15 (8 wagered/8 total winning wagers * 15 remainder)
The processor of this duel (The Lone Amigo) has no leftover.



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for I think those be lousy odds for me to win.

Elias IX:

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arr, that first line should begin ‘This is done by Wagering…’ if the enacting Admin would please fix that grammar mistake. I must have put on two eye-patches today.


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Angry Grasshopper:

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