Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Story Post: Caribbean.

We are in the Caribbean. Mario does not live here.
No more Mario themed rules, Ok?
I worked hard to win last dynasty, so let’s just enjoy the Caribbean.



07-01-2009 02:56:00 UTC

If you don’t want mario themed rules in your dynasty that is, of course ,your perogative and you are welcome to veto every such rule that comes up. 
I would, however, suggest to you that the game of Nomic is not, and never has been, a dictatorship, even if the original title of the game ‘leader’ is Emperor.  You would be wise to consider what the players want as well as your own desires, especially as you did not simply win yourself, but were helped into victory by other players.

Note: I could care less what the theme is, but I see the beginins of a schism forming in the Nomic, and am worried about the possibile ramifications.


07-01-2009 03:36:38 UTC

Personally, I dislike the Caribbean theme, it seems too unimaginative and bland to me. Why? Until now yuri has made zero interesting proposals relating to the caribbean. No interesting mechanics at all; it was just a fine idea with nothing to back it.

When yuri proposes something that is both interesting and on-theme I’ll stop making so called “off theme” proposals. I don’t play Blognomic to sit back and get bored to death, nor I pretend to idle just due to that. Thus, I intend to shape the game as I see fit so it becomes more fun to me, and hopefully to others.

Ienpw III:

07-01-2009 03:47:32 UTC

Amni: I know it’s not a dictatorship. It is my understanding that the Emperor is a guiding force that steers to rules towards the theme. That’s all I’m trying to do.


Arth: I tried to propose something, but you all voted it down. I decided then, to allow you to come up with a better version of the Caribbean rules. From what you’re saying, only I can come up with unimaginative and bland rules. If this is indeed what you mean, I will take it as a compliment. If not, then put your creative energies into theme-related rules. Shape the game all you like, but please try to shape it in the theme’s direction.


I’m not trying to be a jerk here, it’s just that I thought this idea would be fun, and the people who I talked to before I won the last dynasty generally agreed. If you all just want to play mario, then go play mario. I won’t stop you.


07-01-2009 03:55:47 UTC

@yuri: What makes you think you can tell me what to do? I will propose whatever I want, because the rules allow me to (and you can veto every proposal I make too, but it will quickly put you into getting-removed-from-power-through-CfJ territory if the others disagree with that).

Furthermore, try not putting the burden of creating rules for a theme you chose on me, Mr. Worked-Hard-for Winning-but-not-for-actually-running-a-Dynasty.

Ienpw III:

07-01-2009 04:07:05 UTC

arth: I did work hard, trying to run the dynasty. I proposed rules. You didn’t like them. Fine. People were voting against, so I S/Ked them to allow you (collectively) to propose Caribbean rules you DID like. Instead, you chose the nintendo route.

I’m not trying to put the blame on you, or anyone, for that matter. I just wanted theme related rules. If you don’t want them, fine. I respect that. Just give me the courtesy of respecting my dynasty. Have your own Mario (or whatever) theme when you win, and I will respect that.


07-01-2009 04:12:24 UTC

So basically your argument is that you got a couple of proposals failed, and so chose to give up. I’ll respect that.

Ienpw III:

07-01-2009 04:23:36 UTC

I didn’t choose to give up. I chose to allow people to create Theme-specific rules that THEY’D enjoy.


07-01-2009 04:27:54 UTC

Looking through the ruleset I don’t find anything that says that rules have to be theme-specific… But then again, I am just being nitpicky for the sake of argument here.

Ienpw III:

07-01-2009 04:32:51 UTC

No, of course they don’t have to be. It is just fun to go with a certain theme. If it doesn’t work out, fine, but we haven’t given it a fair chance.


07-01-2009 05:15:36 UTC

We are still only a little bit into this Dynasty, I think we’ve still got time to fit mechanics around the theme. Just for the sake of cohesion (I never liked Faction BLO, lol).


07-02-2009 02:28:23 UTC

A schism, Amni? Like… a holy war? Wait, what? Let me check my dictionary XD…

Ahh. You mean the factions. I too worry about these. Basically, if they are powerful enough, we have one group force-passing rules and win conditions. I fea that the nomic will become futile, but see no solution but an orginized anti-orginazation orginazation, which defeats its own purpose >_>. Any ideas? I am already doing my best to bring the DDA down from the inside, but… err… Just kidding. For Dimentional Stability? :P.