Friday, December 21, 2018

Story Post: Case 19: Bananasoft v. Elizabeth

In this Personal Injury case, Bananasoft is accusing Elizabeth of injuring a Bananasoft employee during a company Bloggsball game.



21-12-2018 18:54:21 UTC

Let the record show that while Bananasoft sent many prominent members of this community a gift card on their respective birthdays (including the judge and jury members), the defendant was unable to give the birthday of a single person in the room during cross-examination. Clearly a sign of poor character.


21-12-2018 22:54:11 UTC

Objection, Your Honor. This attack on my Client’s integrity is ad hominem, and hould have no bearing on this case.


21-12-2018 23:03:18 UTC

for Besides, I have here in my hands a document that will prove my Client’s innocence without a shadow of a doubt. I present to you the pitching line-up from said Bloggsball game, which I believe you are familiar with already. Notice that the Bananasoft employee in question is entirely missing.


22-12-2018 14:20:22 UTC

Hm, a lot of very convincing evidence on all sides. Between these and the arguments in the other case, I may need some extra time to deliberate…

(I’ll be away from a computer and from my gamestate repository until Sunday ~21:00 UTC, so I can’t easily close until then)


24-12-2018 01:36:18 UTC

This case is closed; Elizabeth is the winner. The fine is $104,400.