Friday, December 21, 2018

Story Post: Case 20: Elizabeth v. Bananasoft

In this Personal Injury case, Elizabeth is accusing the same Bananasoft employee from Case 19 of injuring her during the Bloggsball game.



21-12-2018 18:58:49 UTC

Your Honor, I present Exhibit A: the pitching line up from Bananasoft’s team for the Bloggsball game in question. Note that the defendant was not even on the field during the time period in which the alleged injury took place.


21-12-2018 23:26:58 UTC

for It has recently come to my attention, Your Honor, that while the Defendant was not in the line-up, they were, in fact, in attendance at the game. I present Exhibit B: an email correspondence with his manager confirming that the Defendant would “show up to support the guys.” I also present Exhibit C: a selfie taken by a relative to my Client showing the Defendant in the background apparently tampering with my Client’s shoes shortly before the game’s commencement. This is obviously with intent to indirectly cause bodily harm.


24-12-2018 01:48:26 UTC

With all the evidence presented, it appears that the employee in question did show up to support the guys, and then took the frustration of said guys’ loss out on Elizabeth.

This case is now closed; Elizabeth is the winner. The fine is $93,960.