Friday, January 04, 2019

Story Post: Case 27: Elizabeth v. Mortis Maximis

In this Personal Injury case, Elizabeth is blaming Mortis Maximis for her passing out from overheating while in front of bright lights during the filming of the Chamberlain documentary.


Kevan: he/him

04-01-2019 09:23:09 UTC

for Exhibit A is a schedule for filming that day, showing only a short interview in the Chamberlain House orangery, filmed in the daytime in midwinter and not requiring a full lighting rig.

against Calling as a witness a Mortis Maximis runner who can confirm Elizabeth’s repeated requests for gin fizzes, prior to her “passing out” on the day of filming.


04-01-2019 17:36:32 UTC

for I present Exhibit B, a record of the temperature settings for the thermometer on the day of filming. Notice that it is set much higher than is recommended by various agencies.


06-01-2019 02:39:18 UTC

This case is closed. Mortis Maximis is the winner. Elizabeth’s injury was somewhere between minor and not-an-injury, and the court finds her to be, quite frankly, a bit of a whiner. The fine is $0.