Saturday, January 12, 2019

Story Post: Case 34: Benjamin v. Elizabeth

In this Malpractice case, Benjamin claims that Elizabeth made an error while preparing his taxes for him five years ago and wants to recoup the money he claims he lost to the IRS.



12-01-2019 13:07:07 UTC

One of the papers submitted to the court had the wrong complaint filled in; this is in every way a Negligence case, not the Malpractice case that the above welcoming statement described.


13-01-2019 22:36:31 UTC

for In recent years, it has become increasingly clear that Elizabeth does not deserve her title of “Respected”. Repeated accusations prove that she is underhanded with her spending.


15-01-2019 03:24:10 UTC

It seems that maybe Elizabeth should not be so respected after all, at least for her tax preparation skills. This case is now closed; Benjamin is the winner. The fine is $244,541.


15-01-2019 03:36:48 UTC

I’m sorry, it seems this case was closed in error. Buried somewhere in this stack of papers, Trigon also submitted some documents that confirm Elizabeth’s side of the story. The winner is instead Elizabeth, and the fine is $0. Now the case is closed.

(I hadn’t noticed that Trigon began representing Elizabeth - and the FOR vote now decreases both parties’ guilt instead of just Benjamin, which was the tipping point between who won.)


15-01-2019 03:40:02 UTC

Maybe “whose Attorney made a comment” means whose Attorney at the time the comment was made, not at the time the case is closed. It could be worth CfJing, but I don’t think I’ll be able to write it up tonight.


15-01-2019 03:41:55 UTC

To this, all I can say is… they must have been planted.

(That was supposed to be a clever scam but I didn’t think it out very well.)


15-01-2019 03:43:35 UTC

And no, I’m sure it means at the time the case is closed, since it’s all evaluated at that moment. I accept my mistake.

Kevan: he/him

15-01-2019 08:59:36 UTC

Yes, the rule dates back to a time when it was possible to generate cases with the same Attorney representing both clients. It was written bearing that situation in mind.