Thursday, January 17, 2019

Story Post: Case 38: Morgan v. Benjamin

In this Personal Injury case, Morgan claims to have been injured in a fight with Benjamin, who seems to love starting them.


Kevan: he/him

17-01-2019 10:16:36 UTC

for Exhibit A, hospital records of the injury.

against And I’d like to call a surprise witness who reluctantly wishes to attest under oath to some kind of secretive “fighting club” in the city, of which Benjamin is a member.


18-01-2019 06:22:55 UTC

for That is not a hospital record, it is a receipt from a Mexican fast food restaurant two blocks from here.


19-01-2019 13:43:43 UTC

It’s odd that the Mexican fast food restaurant also operates in some capacity as a hospital, but the evidence suggests that this so-called “fighting club” tries to keep their members out of more legitimate hospitals to keep it quiet. I can’t imagine they’ll be happy about the club showing up in court records.

This case is now closed. Morgan is the winner, and the fine is $370,203.