Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Proposal: Cashing in that Winning Smile

2-2, timed out. Failed by Elias IX.

Adminned at 06 Jan 2007 09:25:54 UTC

The cash element has been suggested from time to time, and everyone seemed to like the idea—the proposal just had other problems with it

Add a rule called “Money” to the ruleset that says:

Each Olympian has a certain amount of cash, tracked in the GNDT is a column called “Cash”

Cash is earned in the following ways:
*An Olympian may occasionally collect revenue with their sponsor. Revenue is equal to 100 Cash for each unit of popularity held at the time of the signing with the sponsor.
*If an Olympian receives a Gold Medal, e receives 200 Cash. If an Olympian receives a Silver Medal e receives 100 Cash. If an Olympian receives a Bronze Medal, e receives 50 cash. If the Blognomic team receives any kind of medal, everyone on that team receives 50 Cash.
*An Olympian may often attempt gamble eir Cash with another Olympian. To do so, e makes a comment of WAGER X Y DICE2, where X is the name of another Olympian who posses at least Y cash; and Y is an integer amount of cash possessed by both the Olympian attempting the wager and X. On a one, the first Olympian loses Y cash and the targeted Olympian gains Y cash. On a two, the first Olympian gains Y cash and the targeted Olympian loses Y cash.

Cash is spent in the following ways:
*An Olympian may often attempt to convert eir cash into TP by making a comment of “CONVERT X DICE3” where X is an integer amount of cash, and e posses at least X cash. If the result is 3, e receives X/100(rounded down) TP. If the result is a 2, e receives X/200(rounded down) TP. If the result is a one, e receives nothing.
*An Olympian may often give away eir cash to another Olympian. To do so, e reduces eir cash by an interger amount, and increases another Olympian’s cash by the same value.
*An Olympian may often spend 1000 cash to increase eir popularity by one point.

Add a subrule to said rule called “Sponsors”.

An Olympian may choose to sign with a sponsor so that e can each cash from that source. Sponsors are tracked in a column on the GNDT called “Sponsor”. When an Olympian signs with a Sponsor, e places eir current popularity in the Sponsor column. E can now occasionally earn cash based on that value as outlined above.

If an Olympian’s popularity ever drops greater than three below the popularity marked in eir sponsor column, the sponsor terminates the deal and eir Sponsor is reset to zero.

An Olympian may occasionally switch eir sponsor to eir current popularity. To do so, e must reduce eir current popularity by one, and put that new value in eir Sponsor column. E spend this popularity point if eir Sponsor is “0” or if eir current popularity is less than the value in the sponsor column.



01-03-2007 16:59:10 UTC

I’d rather use TP directly as currency, at 50 cash/TP.  This vote has the potential to be changed if Clucky can explain eir reasoning.

Clucky: HE/HIM

01-03-2007 21:04:13 UTC

Because that is boring?


01-06-2007 06:09:15 UTC

Complexity without being, y’know, fun, so against.  Also, the TP seems to be de facto currency anyway.


01-06-2007 07:45:01 UTC

Cov,  imperial .  I trust Clucky knows what e’s doing…


01-06-2007 07:45:35 UTC

nvr mind..  against

Elias IX:

01-06-2007 17:24:59 UTC

for Uh, money?