Friday, May 13, 2011

Proposal: Cayman Island Holding Corp. - Shareholder Meeting: Replace Management


Adminned at 15 May 2011 12:54:27 UTC

Replace the Business Plan of Cayman Island Holding Corp., specifying the following Business Plan as the new plan to replace it with: “If Purplebeard’s latest GNDT update or comment was within the minute that started at 07:36 UTC on any day, 288000; otherwise, DICE2-2”.

Record Date information:

  • ais523 - 51
  • Roujo - 49

Given that I have no control over when Purplebeard makes GNDT updates/comments, and assuming they’re equally likely to happen at any time during the day (which seems reasonable, as I don’t know which timezone Purplebeard lives in), the expectation here is a 1 in 1440 chance of +288000, and a 1399 in 1440 chance of -0.5. This gives an expectation of 199.500357143. (Note that even if you disagree with my reasoning here, it’s just recommended that business plans have expectations below 200, not required.)

The other thing to note is that this post is both a Shareholder Meeting and a Proposal. Thus, if this meeting is approved (and I would be shocked if it wouldn’t be), the resulting Business Plan, like all those changed by proposal, does not need approval from the Market and instead goes into effect immediately. (Rule 2.2.1, with the current numbering.)



05-13-2011 14:46:18 UTC

for 51


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05-13-2011 15:27:35 UTC

Well, technically we have more than enough data about my gndt habits to propose an alternative model that is much better supported by the evidence, so one could easily dispute your assumption, but it’s a ‘should’ clause so it doesn’t matter anyway (and I don’t think anyone would be so pedantic to fuss about it).

veto Vetoing so that this won’t hold up the queue.


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05-13-2011 23:50:09 UTC

but interesting effort