Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Story Post: [Challenge] How I wish I could memorize pi…

This is a challenge about the number pi (which I hear many of you have been memorizing…) For the purpose of this challenge, the “first digit” of pi is the 3 at the start; the second digit is the 1 after the decimal point, the third digit is the 4 after that, and so on.

The only posts that count for this challenge are comments to this post that follow a certain format:

  • A sequence of digits of pi from 6 to 60 digits long inclusive
  • In square brackets, the position of the last digit of your sequence in pi
  • Optionally, other commentary

Also, each sequence of digits must follow on from the previous one, with the first sequence starting at the first digit (for instance, if the first two people each went for 6-digit sequences, the comments might look like (person 1) 3.14159 [6] (person 2) 365358 [12]. You can make any number of comments of this form, until the challenge ends; however, you must obey daily action timing when making the comments (i.e. you can only make one such comment per day, and each such comment must be at least six hours after any previous such comment you made, even if they’re on different days). The scoring on this contest depends on the average (arithmetic mean) value of one of your sequences (e.g. 3.14159 scores 3.8333333…, the average of those six numbers):

  • To succeed at this challenge, at least one of your comments must have an average of 5 or more.
  • To become the champion of this challenge, you must get the highest average amongst all comments.
  • This challenge ends once the thousandth digit of pi is contained in a sequence, or on Monday if the thousandth digit hasn’t been reached by then.

Good luck, everyone!

Of course, nobody could do 1000 digits from memory, but a cheat sheet is circulating amongst the contestants; see this list of digits of pi (make sure nobody’s edited it to something incorrect first!).



06-09-2009 14:38:47 UTC


I win unless the 1000th digit of pi is 0


06-09-2009 15:04:30 UTC

1000th digit of pi is 8.  My sequence contains 8.  Challenge ends here.


06-09-2009 15:53:46 UTC

Bucky: I think you misread the challenge. The thousandth digit of pi is indeed an 8; but your comment did not contain the thousandth digit. It contained an 8, but it was a different 8. (And I think you know you’re trying to abuse an obviously incorrect interpretation of the challenge.)


06-09-2009 16:01:18 UTC

So in other words, the challenge is still open, and if Bucky disagrees, he can CFJ on it.

Challenge continues here


06-09-2009 17:59:02 UTC



06-09-2009 18:01:15 UTC

Wooble: invalid, you’re still idle.


06-09-2009 19:28:59 UTC



06-09-2009 19:34:01 UTC



06-09-2009 19:37:39 UTC


Believe me, it took a while making sure my average was hire than Bucky’s. P.S.: I win.

Clucky: HE/HIM

06-09-2009 19:40:21 UTC

2942816406286208998628 [85]


06-09-2009 19:40:35 UTC

Challenge ends here


06-09-2009 19:41:07 UTC

Heh. Posted at the same time as Clucky who posted at the same tiem as me.

Clucky: HE/HIM

06-09-2009 19:41:14 UTC

Erm Darth, its a max 60 digits. And you got sniped. Double fail =P

Clucky: HE/HIM

06-09-2009 19:42:05 UTC

Um no, Wobble and Rodlen posted before you.


06-09-2009 19:44:20 UTC

Darth Cliche: what part of maximum 60 digits do you not understand?


06-09-2009 19:51:57 UTC


forgot that part of the challenge. I was too focused on making sure I exceeded 5.1333 in my average.


06-09-2009 19:53:03 UTC


50 digits


06-09-2009 19:53:50 UTC

Clucky: apparently Rodlen vandalised the wiki just before you posted that, and some of the digits were wrong as a result. Try again?


06-09-2009 19:53:56 UTC

230781640628620 [78]


06-09-2009 19:54:07 UTC

8998628 [85]


06-09-2009 19:55:12 UTC

DC, your numbers are wrong b/c Clucky’s numbers are wrong.

Sgt. Zed:

06-09-2009 19:55:29 UTC



06-09-2009 19:59:05 UTC



06-09-2009 19:59:43 UTC

Zed: those numbers don’t seem to follow on from Qwaz’s…

Sgt. Zed:

06-09-2009 20:02:15 UTC

I noticed I was doing it wrong


06-09-2009 20:02:35 UTC

Darth: I suspect those numbers area also wrong (the next digit after Qwaz’s should be a 0), but it’s hardly your fault due to all the other people messing around. Unfortunately, you may have to try yet again.


06-09-2009 20:07:33 UTC

8998628 are the last legit digits.

Next digits should be “0348”


06-10-2009 01:30:41 UTC

Hmmm, there appear to be no legal sequences with average above 5. Either someone posts a below 5 score or we’re stuck.


06-10-2009 01:53:17 UTC

Let me iterate this another way.

I posted 8998628. That post was legal. The average is 7.14 something. 7.14 is greater than 5.


06-10-2009 12:37:25 UTC


Clucky: HE/HIM

06-10-2009 14:18:02 UTC

679821480865 [110]


06-11-2009 21:04:19 UTC

13282306640938 [123]

Clucky: HE/HIM

06-12-2009 04:01:32 UTC

based on this site: http://www.exploratorium.edu/pi/Pi10-6.html

psycotipath’s digits are wrong. thus its back to 110

Clucky: HE/HIM

06-12-2009 05:06:28 UTC

132823066470938446095505822317253594081284811174502841027019 [170]

Darknight: HE/HIM

06-12-2009 05:24:17 UTC

385211055596446229489549303819644288109756659334461284756482 [230]


06-12-2009 13:12:40 UTC


Clucky: HE/HIM

06-12-2009 13:30:57 UTC

lawl I just wrote a program to find the right move. We can’t beat Qwaz unless we get the counter up to 630.

Granted if the counter hits 760ish someone can lock victory with a 999999 but that’ll be even harder.

Ienpw III:

06-13-2009 02:37:48 UTC



Ienpw III:

06-13-2009 15:28:35 UTC

this is getting kind of confusing :(

Ienpw III:

06-14-2009 16:07:19 UTC



06-15-2009 00:14:24 UTC

ooops, I’m too late. Where did this week go?


06-15-2009 05:13:02 UTC

Some of the early averages:

Bucky: 5.13
Rodlen: 4.83
Wooble: 5.06
Wakukee: 3.67
Qwazukee: 7.14
Wooble: 3.08


06-15-2009 16:07:25 UTC

I make the averages as follows:
Bucky     5.13
Rodlen     4.83
Wooble     5.06
Wakukee     3.67
Qwazukee   7.14
Wooble     3.08
Clucky     5.33
Wooble     3.92
Darknight   4.78
Wooble     6.00
yuri_dragon_17   4.02
yuri_dragon_17 4.55
So Qwazukee wins, and Bucky, Wooble, and Clucky are the other players who succeed.