Monday, June 01, 2009

Story Post: [Challenge] Poetry contest

Now, time for something completely different. You have the rest of today (not a lot), Tuesday, and Wednesday, to submit poems (as comments to this post) for a poetry contest; ideally, these should relate to nomic as a whole, BlogNomic, or this dynasty in particular (flavour-wise or rules-wise, your choice). On Thursday and Friday, all Contestants can vote for their favourite poem out of the submissions in the comments here (use an arrow followed by the name of the contestant whose poem you’re voting for to vote); Contestants can’t vote for themselves. I can’t vote; but if there’s a tie for the most votes, I choose who wins the tie.

  • To succeed at this challenge, get at least one vote.
  • To become the Challenge Champion, get the most votes. (I will choose who becomes Champion if there’s a tie, from amongst the tied Contestants.)
  • This challenge ends on Saturday, although from Thursday onwards you can’t submit new poems.

Good luck!

The Host might have disappeared; but the rules of the challenge were found on a piece of paper in the diary room. Nobody’s entirely sure if it’s in the Host’s handwriting or not.



06-01-2009 21:35:30 UTC

Higgledy piggledy
Poetry nomical
Tries to be comical
As you can see.

This ain’t a haiku, al-
Though if you like-oo the
Scribblings of Spike-oo, then
Please vote for me.


06-02-2009 00:39:11 UTC

My BlogNomic, oh my Nomic
The only nomic I know
I’ve often thought of leaving you
but don’t know hwere I’d go.

For Agora has no dy-nas-ties and
B just can’t compare
to a lovely EE failure
when dust is in the serv-air.

BlogNomic, oh my Nomic,
is such fun on Friday nights
when Rouge Admin drops another
“prank” and everybody fights.

And I love you when you’re in Hiatus
And I love you when you’re slow
And at the start of a dy-nas-ty when the traffic is so
high it could make you blow.

But Tun-err BlogNomic, oh my BlogNomic,
Please stay just the way you are
‘Cause I think the world
Outside of Blog-
Nomic is biz-arre.


06-02-2009 01:01:44 UTC

When you want to be a-fightin’,
A-savin all the world,
You just gotta be a-joinin’,
The DDA is currently a-hirin’.


06-02-2009 04:57:10 UTC

The dogs in the park
flying upon bees
on my delightful spark
exiting lemon trees
an exquisite cadaver


06-02-2009 13:40:36 UTC

Challenges can be hard to fit in
Between time in the bedroom and gym
I missed the last test,
but I’m good as the rest,
though my skills as a poet are thin.

Clucky: HE/HIM

06-02-2009 23:24:46 UTC

Darknight is awesome
You should support him
And also vote for him his poem
Clucky, on the other hand
Cannot rhyme


06-03-2009 02:32:11 UTC

by Darth Cliche

Every nomic has
so many flaws that players refuse
to join any of them

Agora has a
daunting ruleset which can make
potentials tremble

B is constantly
resetting and rebuilding -
no structure at all

Fresh Nomic? Ha, ha!
My god, it’s full of loopholes!
Sockpuppets can vote!

InterNomic II:
only existing players
of nomic can play

Mailing lists can be
somewhat unfriendly when they
do not have archives.

BlogNomic is the
only “ideal” nomic in
existence at all.


06-03-2009 03:12:47 UTC

by Darth Cliche

Potential nomic players will not play,
because there are flaws in their way,
flaws penetrate every nomic,
just as they do every comic,
but potentials are still scared away.

Agora’s ruleset is large,
so huge it cannot be barged,
as ais has explained,
it doesn’t cause pain,
but newcomers refuse to charge.

B Nomic must always reset,
which poses a threat,
to newcomers who want to try,
as the rules will go flying by,
and be replaced with a new ruleset.

Fresh Nomic is broken,
it has too many holes to be spoken,
and then there’s Yally,
who’s putting Fresh in a valley,
and of Fresh’s dangers, this is just a token.

InterNomic II is only for those,
who already play nomic in rows and rows,
and is thus not useful,
for those who aren’t nomicful,
and thus newcomers are “no"s.

Mailing lists have a difficult gist,
their archives too often don’t exist,
so it is hard to know what’s going on,
which can cause a new nomic player to yawn,
and for others, it will make them pissed.

BlogNomic, on the other hand,
is simple but holeless (and not even bland),
newcomers are welcome at any time,
and simple mistakes are not crimes,
plus: you can laugh at DDA High Command.


06-03-2009 07:21:55 UTC

by Qwazukee

This is Blognomic; here we got some rules,
They ain’t too tough, so I pity the fools,
Who don’t understand
The command
Of a C-f-J,
It ain’t ok,
Why do you even play?
Proposals and Dynasties aren’t for the light of heart,
So I’ll lay it down for you now; here’s some peeps who play it smart:

Qwazukee, Wakukee, and Darth Cliché,
Chillin’ with Rodlen and the DDA,
Fightin’ for Dimensional Stability by day,
And at night, relaxin’ at the BuckyStar Café.

Psycho’s in the Lounge,
spikebrennan’s up in bed,
For food we’ll have to scrounge,
Or else we’ll go unfed.

ais is layin’ Draft Proposals on the credenza,
Him & arthexis makin’ stuff so smart they oughta be in Mensa,
The genius of our Ruleset should give you some sense a’
Why the Swine Flu ain’t got nothing on Influenza.

smith has got the Fame,
yuri’s got the Looks,
While Bucky’s getting’ Lucky
Clucky’s hittin’ the books.

From Darknight, to delta, to TAE,
Just doin’ they thing, down in the GNDT,
The stats are all up there for you to see,
But the show ain’t over ‘til the DoV.

That’s the end of the story, now you know what we’re about;
When it comes to cool Rules, we’ve got a lot to flout.
Our Gamestate’s clean, our History is long,
In years to come, we’ll still be going strong.
I hope you can see what I’ve been trying to say,
When it comes to nomicking, Blognomic leads the way.
Other nomics die, or slowly fade away,
But Blognomic’s here, and it’s here to stay.


06-03-2009 15:15:56 UTC

The poems here by Darth Cliche
Don’t have a good beat, don’t you say?
Whereas, when I write
My meter is tight
Unless I decide that following strict metric conventions would simply get in the way.


06-03-2009 16:38:26 UTC

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Nomics are awesome,
And so are rules.


06-03-2009 17:29:50 UTC

Simplicity out the window,
Logic out he door,
Cameras on the ceiling,
Darth fell through the floor.

The fruits are in the garden,
Fifty feet underground,
The fridge contains a Cessna
and the host just can’t be found.

Some came here for the money some, Just to flee from life,
Some came here for the company,
Devenger took the only knife.

We’re all going crazy in this house,
Though most of us started sane,
We tried to order food for all, Rodlen ordered a plane.


06-03-2009 21:23:07 UTC

Just a great nomic.
Overwhelmingly great.
It is awesome.
Nobody can stop it.

There are great people.
Heroes of the nomic.
Everyone likes Blognomic.

Darth Cliche keeps on doing stuff.
Dangerous fruits cause disease.
Also, a plane is in the fridge.


06-03-2009 21:26:29 UTC

That last one was my only serious attempt at writing a poem here.


06-03-2009 22:09:37 UTC

by Darth Cliche

It all began on November Twenty-Fourth,
during the age of Jason Smith,
I made a proposal (which failed, for what it’s worth),
but I found a few people to ally with.

I chose to side with the DDA,
but then revolted and joined Shade,
and then there appeared many CfJs -
I wasn’t really of much aid.

Then came the First Meta of Rod,
we split up into the Factions,
but then there was EEB (not a puppet of odd),
and then I idled, because of Yoda’s actions:

Yoda scammed to make me win,
everyone was tired of Blo, Gno & Mic,
so I finally idled, having been kicked in the shin,
and Yoda dropped the veto brick.

And then we thought my account had a quirk,
everyone has it, but we thought I was an admin,
and this caused Rodlen to go completely berserk,
and eventually, Yoda made them give in.

So then arthexis got the Relics,
we gave his DoV 116 comments,
we voted for the theme across Styx,
and we chose “words are bent”.

Guess the Theme was the name of the game,
Gourmet Drag Racing on Mars,
eventually we got arthexis tamed,
but not without a few scars.

Afterwards came the Fourth of Amni,
the nation was at war with Eastasia,
the General idled, so Devenger won with glee,
and all the soldiers went to Malaysia.

Finally, there was Dev’s dynasty,
where we were scripting a blockbuster,
ais’s plan was a bit nasty,
and in the end everyone was flustered.

And here we are with Reality TV,
everyone is being driven insane,
let’s hope no-one goes on a killing spree,
because if so, everyone will be slain.

Ienpw III:

06-03-2009 22:57:27 UTC

This line may be modified at any time
As long as it holds to the meter and rhyme.

Darknight: HE/HIM

06-03-2009 23:19:13 UTC

Nomics change and nomic scare,
poor poor noobs out their underwear.
Change that word, repeal that rule,
ungodly big rulesets make me drool.
One vote no and two votes for,
proposals enter enactments door.
We play for fun and we play for kicks,
many a nomic so take your pick.


06-03-2009 23:53:47 UTC

Once, I would break the rules -
I was childish and should have known better.
Then, I would bend the rules -
I was youthful and thought I was clever.
Then, I would make the rules -
The nomical artist, proving my mettle.
Now, old and confused -
I follow all rules to the letter.


06-04-2009 00:06:52 UTC

Poems end here.


06-04-2009 00:27:01 UTC

—> Darth Cliche


06-04-2009 00:27:20 UTC

arrow Darth Cliche

Darknight: HE/HIM

06-04-2009 00:30:10 UTC

arrow clucky


06-04-2009 00:36:37 UTC

arrow Quazukee


06-04-2009 00:46:51 UTC

arrow Darknight


06-04-2009 01:37:31 UTC

arrow Psychotipath

Ienpw III:

06-04-2009 01:57:05 UTC

arrow Darknight


06-04-2009 02:01:48 UTC

arrow  Qwazukee.


06-04-2009 02:24:52 UTC

arrow Wakukee.
You are Walt Whitman and I claim my five pounds.


06-04-2009 02:58:05 UTC

arrow Qwazukee (spelled right this time)


06-04-2009 07:17:53 UTC

arrow Darth Cliche, for sheer volume.


06-04-2009 09:09:59 UTC

arrow Qwazukee

Clucky: HE/HIM

06-05-2009 14:14:49 UTC

arrow Darknight!!!


06-06-2009 00:16:16 UTC

Voting ends here


06-06-2009 00:17:14 UTC

Qwazukee and Darknight each have 3 votes


06-06-2009 02:39:45 UTC

I choose Qwazukee to break the tie; his poem makes me laugh. Well done Qwazukee!