Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Call for Judgment: change of dynasty?

failed as it does not make any gamestate changes. feel free to make conversational blogposts like this in the future, but please don’t put them in any categories that simply makes more paperwork.

Adminned at 16 Aug 2018 00:10:13 UTC

It feels like this dynasty is slowing to a halt and I’m not precisely sure exactly where to go myself. The idea of immortal and mortal is quite nice along with artifacts, but there isn’t a clear route to go. Even in the future if we progress to further ages to travel courts easier there’s not really anything to do within the courts themselves. What do you guys think? Should we restart with a meta-dynasty? Or does this dynasty have potential?



08-14-2018 18:08:01 UTC

This call for judgement doesn’t do anything.

I do think we’re struggling with the concept. I’m trying to put together a treasure hunt, but even then I’m not sure how to make it terribly gameable, and I’m not receiving a much help.

That said, I’d only vote for a proposal to start a meta-dynasty if it had a solid theme associated with it and possibly even a mechanism.

My preferred way forward would be to continue this dynasty, but I’ll admit I’m hitting some sticky spots.


08-15-2018 05:33:13 UTC



08-15-2018 05:43:53 UTC

On another note, we haven’t even made a page for this dynasty yet.  Could this show a lack of interest in the dynasty?


08-15-2018 06:04:24 UTC

[9spaceking] well you hit upon something that I was thinking about a while ago. The mortals don’t do much in their courts (locations) so there’s not really an incentive to move around. A meta-dynasty only offers a blank slate, so it might not solve the problem you perceive.

[Jumble] I don’t think not having a wikipage shows a lack of interest; in previous dynasties I remember some of them didn’t have a wikipage until the middle of it. It’s not that important to have until near the end of the dynasty.


08-15-2018 08:15:52 UTC

I idled out due to a lack of spare time for personal reasons here, but it did feel discouraging that we had a big and possible key timing mechanic of “Reaping”, which nobody (not even the Emperor) was activating. It got to the point where - without enough time to check through the rules closely - I wasn’t sure if I’d missed a rule which was preventing the first Reaping from happening, so played it safe by not taking the action. Perhaps everyone was doing this.

Regular, loud game events are useful for keeping a dynasty on track, and when they fall silent (or never get started), it creates a sense that something is wrong.


08-15-2018 21:11:44 UTC

against I like this theme, but I guess we haven’t really nailed the core mechanic yet. Feel free to propose!