Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Call for Judgment: change the background

Times out at 1-1 / doesn’t make changes to gamestate, although “passes” in the sense that concerns were addressed. Adminned by pokes.

Adminned at 04 Aug 2018 12:19:37 UTC

The background is jarring to the eye [], I highly suggest changing it



08-01-2018 23:01:48 UTC

is that better?


08-01-2018 23:04:04 UTC

ah, better


08-01-2018 23:08:51 UTC

oh you made this a CfJ
against since afaik the stylesheet isn’t gamestate and this CfJ doesn’t make changes to the gamestate. I’ll leave it open for more stylesheet issues though.


08-02-2018 00:48:44 UTC

I still find it kind of hard to read extended comment text: for


08-02-2018 01:56:28 UTC



08-02-2018 08:16:27 UTC

* Specifying a “large” font size seems unnecessary, particularly when the fixed-width font has so much line spacing. It’s harder to review even a medium-length proposal when you have to scroll up and down to read all of it.

* Not sure I see the need for a fixed-width font - it’s harder on the eye than a regular one, and we’re writing prose rather than code here, so there’s no need to get anything aligned perfectly. From memory I think we’ve only ever used it in a hacker dynasty, for theme’s sake, but even then only in the blockquote tags.

* is giving the white-on-grey an accessibility fail, which I’d agree with - you want the grey down to at least #757575 and ideally as low as #595959.

* By commenting out the main background colour it’s defaulting to white, which makes some page text white-on-white while the image is loading, and potentially leaving it white if the image load fails or is cancelled.

* Having zero padding on the text boxes (the space between the edge of the text and the edge of the box) makes them harder to read. The blog layout really isn’t set up to take a patterned background, and we hit this problem last time we tried.


08-02-2018 12:44:20 UTC

Also, comment text is difficult to distinguish from blockquote text. That can be a problem.


08-02-2018 14:51:19 UTC

well if these last changes aren’t up to par I’ll just remove the patterned background, which seems to create most of the problems.


08-02-2018 17:24:59 UTC

I do think the last set of changes is a git improvement.


08-02-2018 22:04:12 UTC

I’m happy with it now


08-03-2018 07:52:04 UTC

(Unclicked) post author and comment links are currently black on a black-grey-infinity background, which is unreadable. Otherwise all good now, I think.


08-03-2018 15:43:30 UTC

ah missed that one. unclicked links are now silver