Monday, May 02, 2011

Proposal: Change the business plan of Rules & Co.

Timed out 4-5.—Yoda

Adminned at 04 May 2011 15:57:37 UTC

Change the business plan of Rules & Co. to “Add (Number of Proposals and CfJ’s enacted since the last Quarterly Report + DICE5 - 3) *50”



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05-03-2011 07:07:05 UTC

I’ll be abstaining on this kind of proposals, unless I feel that the proposed change is completely broken. I would like to remind the Investors who have no Shares in Rules & Co that this seems very very powerful to me, though.


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05-03-2011 17:22:47 UTC

against There’s been a LOT of proposals and CfJs going through since the last quarterly report.  Maybe in the last 24 hours? But even that has the potential for abuse…


05-03-2011 17:59:22 UTC

Actually none. :)


05-03-2011 18:39:18 UTC

Thank you Ely! ;D I recently got my Wiki account, so now I can finish it on my own. I just saw that nobody had done it in a few days.

However, I do see a huge potential for abuse, even with people coming in and doing quarterly reports as often as possible.


05-03-2011 20:25:33 UTC

Yes actually this was thought for 24 h Reports. Anyway, I don’t think it’s that bad, but it might be better as:
where X is the number of Proposals enacted in the last 48 hours.
Would you let this pass?


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05-03-2011 21:56:29 UTC

While I like that you’re thinking outside the box with your business plans, I don’t like the fact that this is based on a necessary game mechanic.

Basically, what will end up happening is no one outside the company will want to make or vote for proposals because it would help their competitors, which will end up stalling the game.  Or, equally as bad, the shareholders of Rules and Co will spam the board with trivial proposals that don’t really do much rather than constructive and interesting proposals.

Yes, we have had incentives for making proposals before, but they 1) have always been on an individual (as opposed to a group) basis and 2) have always been able to be nullified by a majority of voters who consider the proposal to be trivial.

Consider me old-fashioned, but I hesitate to expand this incentive to a select group of people and not to all investors.


05-03-2011 22:04:45 UTC

Also, if you notice, the only people voting for this are the shareholders…


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05-04-2011 08:37:59 UTC

against On second thought, I’ll vote against any proposals that involve an EV higher than 200 (see my latest proposal). I think that on average, more than 4 proposals and CfJs get enacted per 48 hours, especially if four Investors know it will make them money.